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    gj here, a nice lil duel map with good ambient & flow


      good one!

      Needs author name in the preview shot, but I took care of that. I guess green would be the in-color for this map. WTF, space invaders! Cool! I liked the HOLP-style gameplay (if that makes any sense) with good flow and connectivity, I guess what I really meant was old skool. It could use a bit more health, but this still works. Bot pathing is done well and I also like the larger scale for this 1-on-1 for a change.


        Overall, I really like the map. Good game play, very nice visuals that reminded me of many UT 2004 maps, and great performance. So I believe you achieved your goals.

        I am not a big fan of the scaling (when a barrel is bigger than you are), but such is life. The map is a bit open at times as well. This is a personal preference thing. Map is still fun to play.

        I did notice the bots having issues navigating the "ramp" up the barrels/wood planks and the bigger plants shouldn't block weapon fire. For what ti's worth.

        And the end of the match, you enjoy the game you just played and look forward to more in the future.