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    DM-Lan Party GIANT MAP

    Name: DM-GOD-Lan_Party
    Version:Giant Version 2-16 players
    Compatibility:Patch 5

    Description:Giant Map; Tough to get around without a transloc!
    Wide Open with Plenty of sniping spots! No hidden Wall Stuff!
    I made this a long time ago and forgot to release it; woops!
    I'm not going to do any more editing to this map so here is the Final Release! Happy Fragging!

    Comments:Custom Music By DaSnipa!


    Credits:My Mom!

    Homepage:Check here First!

    Uploaded with


    Yay for another giant-sized map! I'm kinda wishing there were more pickups up high (the desks seemed kinda bare), but it's not too shabby and pickups won't be an issue if you're playing lowgrav instagib anyway

    I've added to Mapraider's three mirrors along with additional screenshots:


      Pingfreak, is this what your house looks like? The map looks huge! I bet it's tough getting around with a hoverboard too. Downloading now!


        Thanks for the Mirrors!
        Wish I had a nice pc to edit this map again/
        I'm on a 12 inch Atom 1.6 cpu and ION card!
        It could use some touching up for sure!
        But It plays and that worked for me!
        No, this isn't my house LOL but, It would/could be a sweet addition!


          What needs to be edited in the map?


            Now build a house like this with these rooms and then have LAN parties and play the map and then your mind will be blown.


              LOLS @ SkaarjMaster!
              The lighting needs rebuilt/ Or a full rebuild.
              there are a few places where this is noticable on the desks.
              look at the last picture.


                If anyone wants to fix/edit or add to it be my guest.
                Just rename all the files and ini before you
                open the map and it should be good.
                Save it as DM-Lan_Party_Fix or something.
                then post a link here!
                That is if anyone is feeling up to it!
                I would have but don't see myself getting away
                from this tiny pc anytime soon. *Sighs*