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CTF-Facing Worlds 3

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    CTF-Facing Worlds 3

    Name: CTF-Facing Worlds 3
    Version: 1.0
    Compatibility: UT3 is required, nothing else.

    One asteroid, two towers ... Ten thousand headshots.
    A conversion of the awesome map from UT2004: Facing Worlds 3.

    After lots of hard work, me and HO0815XX managed to convert the awesome map "CTF-Face3" from UT2004 to UT3.
    We really worked at this map to make the best of it.
    The biggest challenge was the lighting in this map, as the UT3 engine renders lighting much different from the UT2004 engine, and we completely had to rebuild te lighting.
    Because this is a 1 on 1 conversion the lighting might look a bit weird one some points, but we cant fix that [for example: cut-off lights/shadow.]
    There was also a small discussion about the overall map scale: people thought the UT2004 version was to big for the fast paced gameplay of UT3, but we wanted to keep it a 1 on 1 conversion, so we kept the original scale.

    Extract files to:
    My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps

    Coreper (me), HO0815XX, stevelois, NickG, Odedge, Sp4der, thalos, Nawrot, 1XTreme.
    And ofcourse Cedric 'Inoxx' Fiorentino and Epic Games for the original UT2004 map.


    Highres Screenshots: [WARNING: Big Filesize!]




    Download Uncooked map (Source):
    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Want to use the materials I used? It's possible: just copy all the nodes used in my material [not the material itself!] except for the texture samples. You have to add those again to make it work.

    The final!

    Well well well

    I'm happy you finally made it final

    Hope you get a plethora of downloads & comments m8

    Also, THX for the credits, I appreciate!


      Yeah, It took a loooong while, but I finally got it to final.
      I hope everyone likes it!

      And you thanks for the help & feedback.


        Nice to see it final Coreper I'll try it out later.


          holys**t! it s raining cool maps
          congratz and thx for ur work mate


            Thank you!

            Coreper, great job. I've really really wanted to see some of the Egyptian levels brought to UT3. This is the first one I've seen that is good quality.

            Are there any others anyone could recommend?

            Great job.


              Originally posted by Bl!tz~ View Post
              holys**t! it s raining cool maps
              LOL! Indeed.

              I am getting ready to fire up UT3 (again) to check out this cool thing. In the meantime, it's also been added to Mapraider's three mirrors:


              By the way coreper, those mirrors you listed kept crapping out on me after 2-4MB of download and wasn't ever able to get a full ZIP for either link. The MediaFire ones worked okay though.


                Thanks for all the kind words guys!
                I hope you like it

                @FreakinMeany: Yeah, I dont know whats wrong with the 110MB servers now, but they're acting weird... So I replaced the links with the ones from Mapraider's Filefront.


                  That's cool. Glad to help.

                  Just FYI though -- Mapraider has a basic "version control" system. Links to old versions on the site automatically redirect you to the newest version.

                  So if you release any updates to this map in the future, those direct links to FF will still work, but they won't automatically redirect people to the latest version like if you linked to the Mapraider page


                    Well, tbh I had my share of updates on this map, so I'm not planning on changing anything now :P
                    4 BETA's seem enough to me :P


                      Yeah, it looks pretty solid. Played it for a while and didn't notice anything that jumped out at me.

                      But if only I had a nickel for every time an author said "Final Version" followed by "Final Revision 1" ...


                        Great to see you made a final now.
                        I played this map since the first beta and enjoyed it quite a lot


                          Really not into Face maps, but I might just have to DL this one to have it for UT3.



                            Superb! map Coreper!

                            I was a little unsure about it after I tried one of the first betas, but the final version is an absolute must have for me. The atmosphere and attention to detail is top notch, and I haven't found any issues with the map yet. It's a keeper for me and I highly recommend it to others!



                              Good to see final version
                              Great work
                              Thanks for PS3 cook