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CTF-THOR_BOWL RC3b [Final] [Pics] [PC]

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    CTF-THOR_BOWL RC3b [Final] [Pics] [PC]

    Name: CTF-THOR_BOWL RC3b

    Compatibility: UnrealEd v2.1 - Titan pack

    THOR BOWL, a great round of the "BR World Championship" has ended.
    Following the Grand Final, some survivors decided to use the stadium to set up a Special event...
    Seems like loosers claims revenge !

    This is the reversed CTF version of BR-THOR_BOWL.

    Changelog since RC3:

    - Fixed issue with instagib play

    Changelog since RC2:

    - New THOR BOWL (Trophy design), approved by Gussie[MK]
    - Team bases are 1 row closer to the field, allowing nice hammer jump scorings. Hope you'll enjoy it Guss' and 1X !
    - New animated sky with modified stock textures and material
    - New sound design. Don't you dare shooting at the amplifiers !
    - More detailed surroundings (fog work)
    - Added UDamage and Invisibility powerups
    - Replaced Helmet with Vest Armor
    - Tuned cover spots (UT3 style)
    - The Red team starts in the Blue base, catch the flag, bring it in it's own base and vis et versa
    - Damage zones (world limits) gives less damage (15/sec), just as a warning.
    - Little less lowered gravity
    - Some general cleaning

    Changelog since RC1:

    Following Gussie[MK] and 1XTreme's feedbacks
    Thanks guys !

    - Gameplay is now reversed CTF
    - No more Dickheads vs Douchebags but VISITHORS vs WARRIORS
    - Provided cover spots on the field
    - Modified HammerTrophy (still need work..)
    - Add Flak Cannon
    - Modifiied a few pickup placement
    - Removed some vials
    - Up to 16 SpawnPoints
    - 1 more directionnal light
    - Got rid of the Defense Points
    - Lower gravity
    - Some tuning..


    - Thanks HO0815XX, 1XTreme, Gussie[MK], Bl!tz~ for great feedback
    - Everyone who had a look or tried the map
    - Epic's and the powerful Unreal Editor


    Added to Mapraider's three mirrors and some additional screenshots:

    Seems simple, but I love the idea that you took the storyline and evolved it using the same map with a twist (CTF across the field rather than on the field as you might expect). It's also a little bit amusing how the name contains the letters "THOR" when it is now in the vein of those infamous "thorns-style" CTF maps -- not that that is a bad thing


      Hi Freak

      Thanks a lot for mirror !

      That's a pretty simple map for sure. Happy you like the twist.
      I guess I met what I meant to achieve in a reasonable amount of time.
      The light work is very basic, but rendering kind of works with this setup, so..

      I didn't know about thorns-style maps, have to try some.
      Does it comes from an original UT concept ?
      What is it about, visuals, gameplay ?

      Can't wait to have a look at Mapraider 2.0 !

      See ya !


        You're welcome!

        "Thorns-style" was coined after the release of a map called (surprise) CTF-Thorns waaay back in the UT'99 days. It wasn't necessarily anything new in style, to be sure, but the usage of the name to describe similar maps kinda stuck.

        I'm over-simplifying here, but a "thorns-style" map is essentially any map that has the flag bases directly opposite each other in a smallish, mostly open arena. If I had to pick, I'd say the focus is game play, but that may be stretching it. It is almost always a non-stop, can't-catch-your-breath, frag-fest. Not to mention that other authors have tried to make it about both visuals and game play.

        There have been many, many re-creations, parodies, adaptations and ports of the thing over the years. Just do a search for "thorns" on Mapraider and you can see quite a few--and that's not including the ones in my personal map collection still to be added to the site

        Mapraider 2.0 is an amazing site (IMNSHO) I'm almost ready to start privately testing it, so send me a PM if you're interested in participating. Would love to have your help!



          thanks for the details.

          So if I understand you right, thorns-style maps are the ancestors of nowadays AndAction-style maps, or kind of...

          "THOR" is my main nickname, it's also an anagram of my surname.
          But yeah this map is quite thorns-style, interesting coincidence !


            hey mate

            cool to see this one in ctf, nice job


              Looks like a fun map. It doesn't seem to work with instagib though. I can get into the map but neither the bots nor myself have weapons.


                Originally posted by Bubbaxm2 View Post
                Looks like a fun map. It doesn't seem to work with instagib though. I have can get into the map but neither the bots nor myself have weapons.
                Thanks a lot for letting me know ! The instagib problem is now solved. Link updated.

                Originally posted by Bl!tz~ View Post
                hey mate
                cool to see this one in ctf, nice job
                Thanks mate I'm planning to start a new one soon!