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DM-CBP3-Suraj (PC/PS3) released!

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  • DM-CBP3-Suraj (PC/PS3) released!

    Name: DM-CBP3-Suraj


    Compatibility: UT3 (tested with various patches)

    Small and atmospheric DM map inspired by the original unreal

    DM-CBP3-Suraj is part of a “thank you” to everybody who downloaded the Community Bonus Pack 3
    The other part will surface soon.





    Thanks to the CBP Team & other testers, and the entire team at Epic.
    Further, I would like to thank Spoondog, Hourences, Ambershee, Odedge, euchreplayer23 and nijo.

    Special thanks to my girlfriend for all her patience





    As always I hope you enjoy this map and please let me know what you think about it!

  • #2
    ok just tryed it....nice job mate

    the visuals are superbs (though some wood textures look a lil "low res" from close)
    i was trapped 2 times after grabing the UDamage while watching how the map was nice...good idea & well done ;-)
    in spect mode u can watch the map from the top and a lil BV there had prevent to see unlit surfaces and one side SM (i always think to thoses who are using jetpacks and such^^)
    the custom jumpads and ur lighting are nice
    the layout is efficient and it s a fun map to play

    thx for ur good work...keep it up :-)


    • #3
      WOW!! Stunning screen shots ...Downloading now, play later



      • #4
        Wow! Amazing design!
        Thanks nELsOn!


        • #5
          wow sweet so you guys are sill making maps for ut3 i am like wow


          • #6
            Simply awesome!

            Tested! What can I say?
            Now we want a full Unreal's Bluff Eversmoking remake from your golden hands!


            • #7
              Originally posted by nELsOn
              ...inspired by the original unreal
              Exactly what I have thought as i saw the screenshots. The lighting is very atmospheric


              • #8
                Also mirrored on Mapraider's three mirrors:


                And I'll say what I said on BU ... holy crap this is a beautiful map! And to boot, it plays surprisingly smooth on my crappy rig.


                • #9
                  This is the first map I've downloaded in Months.


                  • #10
                    Looks amazing, dl now


                    • #11
                      Beautiful map as expected. Play is very tight. Thanks for another wonderful map.


                      • #12
                        Ahhhh, here it is

                        I was following the map dev since some time & at last, I'll play it

                        About the installation, you use those 2 files (fruitpickup.upk + HealingFruit.u) that share the same name of your earlier DM-Phera map but the size & date aren't the same. Must I overwrite the old files, I presume it's a yes but did you test DM-Phera with those updated files ?

                        Will comments later.

                        In the meantime, THX for this astonishing piece of art


                        • #13
                          As expected, the level is visually awesome

                          The theme is so Unreal & everything custom made is really great Visually, it own ! Layout & item placement is also well done.

                          I really like those jumpads, the NaPali health & your wood crates & many other things.

                          There are few quick & small things left that could had been done. Noting really serious but if I can list them :

                          - Blocking volume is needed so players can't access the non playable area of the map.
                          - Some weapon / item pickup base are floating above the terrain. A simple fix is to add a flat rock under the item so it look natural instead of weird.
                          - I notice a small gap between the crates at one spot, the crate above look like is 4uu's above the ones beneath.

                          In all, it's a keeper for sure which I add to my hot stuff.

                          THX for this marvelous map!


                          • #14
                            First Saip, then Phera, now this... another great custom map by nELsOn.

                            I just love the classic Unreal style and this map is again fabulous, gj.


                            • #15
                              Thanks for the nice feedback and kind words all around, guys
                              I'm really glad to see you like the map and I sure hope you'll like the next part of the "thank you" as well

                              @stevelois: Maybe I should contact you so you can test the next thing I start. It may be small stuff but it also shows that you look at things closely, so thanks for mentioning it