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DM-CBP3-Suraj (PC/PS3) released!

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    Originally posted by SkaarjMaster View Post
    Any word on the fruitpickup and HealingFruit files from DM-Phera and if we need to just keep the ones from Phera and roll with it? It seems the HealingFruit might be the same exact file, but the Phera version of fruitpickup is a lot bigger in size. That's why I'm thinking keeping the Phera files installed. Funny no one has mentioned what to do yet?

    EDIT: I guess the ones in the Suraj map are also the same ones in the Andhera map as well. I suppose I could pose the question in the Andhera thread also, but let's just keep it to one thread in each forum.
    I have same problems with these maps, but my Sunspeak remake works fine with both versions.


      One of the best!

      Love the atmospheric feature, visuals, sounds and great interactive about this map. Cool jumppads, colors and the Nali fruits are sure definitely a keeper of healing; hope you wouldn't miss out if you still playing the old Unreal 1 or probably UT3. This is supposed to be in the CBP3 Vol 4 ZIP archive, but the original author would be released this map alone.