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DM-CBP3-Suraj (PC/PS3) released!

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    DM-CBP3-Suraj (PC/PS3) released!

    Name: DM-CBP3-Suraj


    Compatibility: UT3 (tested with various patches)

    Small and atmospheric DM map inspired by the original unreal

    DM-CBP3-Suraj is part of a “thank you” to everybody who downloaded the Community Bonus Pack 3
    The other part will surface soon.





    Thanks to the CBP Team & other testers, and the entire team at Epic.
    Further, I would like to thank Spoondog, Hourences, Ambershee, Odedge, euchreplayer23 and nijo.

    Special thanks to my girlfriend for all her patience





    As always I hope you enjoy this map and please let me know what you think about it!

    ok just tryed it....nice job mate

    the visuals are superbs (though some wood textures look a lil "low res" from close)
    i was trapped 2 times after grabing the UDamage while watching how the map was nice...good idea & well done ;-)
    in spect mode u can watch the map from the top and a lil BV there had prevent to see unlit surfaces and one side SM (i always think to thoses who are using jetpacks and such^^)
    the custom jumpads and ur lighting are nice
    the layout is efficient and it s a fun map to play

    thx for ur good work...keep it up :-)


      WOW!! Stunning screen shots ...Downloading now, play later



        Wow! Amazing design!
        Thanks nELsOn!


          wow sweet so you guys are sill making maps for ut3 i am like wow


            Simply awesome!

            Tested! What can I say?
            Now we want a full Unreal's Bluff Eversmoking remake from your golden hands!


              Originally posted by nELsOn
              ...inspired by the original unreal
              Exactly what I have thought as i saw the screenshots. The lighting is very atmospheric


                Also mirrored on Mapraider's three mirrors:


                And I'll say what I said on BU ... holy **** this is a beautiful map! And to boot, it plays surprisingly smooth on my crappy rig.


                  This is the first map I've downloaded in Months.


                    Looks amazing, dl now


                      Beautiful map as expected. Play is very tight. Thanks for another wonderful map.


                        Ahhhh, here it is

                        I was following the map dev since some time & at last, I'll play it

                        About the installation, you use those 2 files (fruitpickup.upk + HealingFruit.u) that share the same name of your earlier DM-Phera map but the size & date aren't the same. Must I overwrite the old files, I presume it's a yes but did you test DM-Phera with those updated files ?

                        Will comments later.

                        In the meantime, THX for this astonishing piece of art


                          As expected, the level is visually awesome

                          The theme is so Unreal & everything custom made is really great Visually, it own ! Layout & item placement is also well done.

                          I really like those jumpads, the NaPali health & your wood crates & many other things.

                          There are few quick & small things left that could had been done. Noting really serious but if I can list them :

                          - Blocking volume is needed so players can't access the non playable area of the map.
                          - Some weapon / item pickup base are floating above the terrain. A simple fix is to add a flat rock under the item so it look natural instead of weird.
                          - I notice a small gap between the crates at one spot, the crate above look like is 4uu's above the ones beneath.

                          In all, it's a keeper for sure which I add to my hot stuff.

                          THX for this marvelous map!


                            First Saip, then Phera, now this... another great custom map by nELsOn.

                            I just love the classic Unreal style and this map is again fabulous, gj.


                              Thanks for the nice feedback and kind words all around, guys
                              I'm really glad to see you like the map and I sure hope you'll like the next part of the "thank you" as well

                              @stevelois: Maybe I should contact you so you can test the next thing I start. It may be small stuff but it also shows that you look at things closely, so thanks for mentioning it