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DM-1on1-Duality [Final][video+pics+dl] [12/09/2010]

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    DM-1on1-Duality [Final][video+pics+dl] [12/09/2010]

    Name: DM-1on1-Duality
    Version: Final 1.0
    Compatibility: PC patch 2.0 & titan pack
    Number of players: Duel only

    A map for duel in a Quake's atmosphere under a sky in cinder...





    Video (in game):

    For their Beta tests and constructives feedbacks:
    All the UOF's crew (
    and specially :

    -Bl!tz : your advises concerning the duel gameplay are so precious !
    -Noob Zaibot : solids advises about gameplay.
    -Barballs : final layout touch with helping me with custom teleporters.
    -Stevelois : you're the best for the polishing phase !
    -Odedge : good visual & polishing suggestions.
    -Thrallala : nice advises about outdoor visual.
    -Lord PorkSword, Diesalot, 1Xtreme, Zerglings, Rathalos150 : great support & advises

    -Lunaran ( : THX to share those cool customs quake's textures and to help us to make live the spirit of this famous game !

    -Remus : for the Mars planet material (from his pack "Remus-solarSystem")

    This map was designed with duel gameplay in mind and old school FPS's rules.
    I also wanted a total Quake's immersion so I have worked hard on the sounds part and the general ambient, I hope you will like it
    Of course, an easter egg is inside too

    Mirror + FullHD Fly-By thx to Terror Force

    Download the PC Final version :
    DOWNLOAD Mediafire

    DOWNLOAD unrealplayground

    DOWNLOAD mapraider

    thx for this other solid map bro!
    nice layout,awesome visuals & kickass flow
    keep it up


      Thats simple Awesome! This is such a good/ fun map. Thanks for your efforts bring the brilliance of Quake back.


      5 stars from me.


        Excellent level. I like that it is 95%+ bsp, but yet still looks fantastic!
        I love the clean, organized style visually.

        Did you create the custom textures?


          Beautiful looking map!

          Because that link will eventually go bad, this has been mirrored on Mapraider's three mirrors as well:


            Thx for this kind first comments guys, I appreciate

            Originally posted by Axeman View Post
            Did you create the custom textures?
            As I have said on my readme, the most part come from a textures pack for Quake III from Lunaran, that I have revised (upscaled, derived the spec/reflection, normal texture etc...) or based-on for create news ones (like pulsating borders etc...), and some others are self made.

            edit :

            thx for the link FreakinMeany !


              Ah- readme's. Me thinks I should read them. lol


                Map is beautiful and I like the layout quite a bit -- though I was really surprised at how choppy it ran for me.

                My machine is a low-ender (so I don't expect it to be smooth by any means), but I'm seeing 15fps or less in this map when the stock maps give me about 25-35fps. Hopefully it's just me.


                  The final is here, whouhou !!!!!! ............I'm happy............

                  THX for this awesome piece of work my Seb, your level is very inspiring

                  THX also for the adequate credits

                  Another one I add in my hot stuff section


                    Very nice map indeed. They layout is really nice and always keeps the player coming back to the center (where the main "goodies" are located).

                    Visuals are "mean" and tough looking. They look very nice, given the map is very BSP oriented.

                    Love the quake announcements as well.

                    Great job as usually and definitely a keeper.


                      Seems awesome :|


                        THX a lot for your nice comments and support guys, appreciate


                          Just tried this map. I loved the quake bgm and sound effects! It bring up so many memories... Thanks for making this.
                          But I feel the map isn't quite fit UT3 gameplay, some corridors are too narrow, too crowded at the center...etc , but still fun to play!


                            Love it, the sky and backdrop is simply amazing.


                              Great map SEBASTIEN-NOVA!
                              It catches the Quake feel quite well! Reminds me of the good old days when I've been playing Quake 2

                              Thanks a lot for this map!