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Gloryroad Bonus Pack 1

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    Gloryroad Bonus Pack 1

    Name: Gloryroad Bonus Pack 1

    Version: Final 1

    Compatibility: PC

    Description: This is the first Gloryroad Bonus Pack for Unreal Tournament 3. It includes 2 Death Match maps, 2 CTF maps and 1 VCTF map.


    Orbiting above Ankala, Liandri's newest space station provides a location for tournament ships to dock and conduct games.

    Intense DeathMatch action in a sectioned-off part of an asian-themed village high in the Heisenberg Mountains of Ankala.

    Two large towers downtown with a third between dominate the center of town. Ramps and walkways flow through the fog, bringing death in glowing projectiles.

    Most of the Forbidden City on Ankala was destroyed long before the remains were walled in and used for the Tournament. What's left is an exercise in intense combat and strategy.

    The officer's quarters housing area on Fort Killian, Ankala is occasionally being used as a Tournament arena. Whenever a match is scheduled, the officers and their families are evacuated from their quarters, as well as from the Fort Killian Garrison Headquarters building to the west of the parade field.

    Homepage: Unreal Depot

    Download: Download here - 202.73MB file size

    This sound like a very interesting pack

    I'll try them out asap & THX for your work



      How do I not have any of these? I have four of the ones on your homepage.


        Originally posted by SkaarjMaster View Post
        How do I not have any of these? I have four of the ones on your homepage.
        I got behind in cooking finished maps and getting them posted. Caught up with that after completing two new ones in the past few days (you'll see that I finished DM-PaganRites in 4 days!) and started to upload them to FileFront. Then I suddenly realized that I had 5 maps to upload! So I decided to put them all together as a bonus pack...why not?

        Now let's see if I remember in the next couple of days to post the bonus pack on my own site, too!


          sweet downloading now


            very good pack Gloryroader!
            some comments:
            -in CTF-AnkalaTower (which likes more ut2k4 gameplay) its a bit frustrating to not have more access at the bottom
            -VCTF-OfficersRow, Ive already played this map: what is the changelog? (just a fresh copy?)
            -have you a prob against lift?


              Very nice!

              Also mirrored on Mapraider's three mirrors. Plus an additional mirror on FileFactory:



                good pack

                CTF-AnkalaTower >> huge CTF with many paths dominated by hitscan weapons but too bad you can't explore and play in the city. Wide-open gameplay and the bots aren't too bad; the towers are crazy huge with teleporters.....wait a's FACE......just kidding.

                CTF-ForbiddenCity >> tight bases in facing oriental smallish map with lots of z-axis but too ornate and too many places to get stuck; bots are good.

                DM-OrbitalDeath >> crazy maze of an inside space station; bots are decent; good textures/meshes but lighting could be a little more varied; liked the outside scene.

                DM-PaganRites >> oriental outside environment a little less ornate than ForbiddenCity but still has some spots to get stuck; the sky could use some work and the weapon placement might be a little off in spots but it could just be me that is off in spots.

                VCTF-OfficersRow >> not a big fan of VCTF and this looks like a huge wide-open one with a dicy middle section with the turrets; this would seem to confine action the the outer areas. A few better vehicles in here would make it better and I did like the nighttime atmosphere.


                  Thanks for the feedback, everyone! I'm glad you're all enjoying the map pack!


                    great thx!!!!!!!!!!