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    DM-Crash [Final]

    Name: DM-Crash

    Author: G. N. "Snorkelbottom" Singleton

    Version: Final

    Compatability: PC Patch 2.1

    This is a remake of the Unreal Tournament 2004 DM map DM-1on1-Crash. For this map I decided that I wanted it to have a lifeless, tomb-like atmosphere.


    Video - (Don't know who uploaded it though?)

    Note: The three above screenshots of this map are of the same locations shown for the original map in Unreal Tournament 2004's menu.



    Beta Version Changes

    Aside from some geometeric changes, most of which should not be immediately noticable, I have made some minor changes to the map after playing the original map, DM-1on1-Crash.

    1. The first change to the map is the inclusion of all three pieces of Armour. The Vest replaces the Adrenaline pick-ups connecting the Bio-Rifle room to the Link Gun Room, the Thigh Pads replace the Shield Charger in the Link Gun room, and the Helmet replaces the Adrenaline pick-ups in the Flak Cannon room.

    2. Another small change to the map is that the placements of the Shock Rifle and Rocket Launcher have been swapped. The Rocket Launcher is considered the be the most prized of all the main weapons, yet in the original map it was too easily obtained, whereas the Shock Rifle was stashed away in a high risk room. Swapping these two weapons placements should balance the flow of the map.

    3. A very small change is the re-arranging of two Health Vials. In the original map there were two clusters of three Health vials (Flak Cannon Room - Back Room & Stinger Room - Link Gun Room), a Health Vial has been moved from both of these clusters and are now found in the doorway connecting the Stinger room to the Back room (originally occupied by a few Adrenaline pick-ups).

    4. Each weapon now has three ammunition pick-ups. Most of these are found in or near to their original location, however the Shock Rifle ammunition pick-up from the Back room has now been moved into the UDamage room.

    Final Version Changes

    1. Clean, haunted robot has been removed. Associated moan moved to the new tomb area underneath the UDamage pick-up. Random moans of agony now eminate from the tomb at random intervals. Thanks Hugo for the idea.

    2. Full optimisation pass including backfacing surfaces, cull distance, better detail settings, better asset instancing and light environments used for the lifts instead of dynamic lights. Thanks to M^vL for your guidance on light environments.

    3. Floor surfaces now broken up in same fashion as Stinger room, thanks again to Hugo for the heads up.

    4. Blocking volume pass improved, thanks to Bl!tz for the heads up.

    5. Ground hugging mist (height fog & fog volumes) and icicle meshes added to emphasize the cold atmosphere of the map.

    6. Post process effect has been given a hint of blue (thanks Thrallala for spotting that it was originally purple.

    Revised Final Version Changes

    1. Collision on walkway trim and stasis pods has been amended.

    2. Low lying fog throughout the level has been dropped by 8 - 16 units.

    Special Thanks go out to...

    The Guys at Epic Games for making Unreal Tournament 3.

    Paul Fahss, for his work on the original map - DM-1on1-Crash.

    The guys at Clickteam for their awesome install creator.

    Everyone on the Epic Games forums, especially Bl!tz~, bn_avit, Shade Mistress, sneh, Hugo Marques and M^vL. Thanks to all for their help and support.

    3DBuzz for their invaluable guidance and video tutorials.

    UDN (especially Dave Ewing and Richard Nalezynski) for their guidance and advice.

    Sjoerd "Hourences" De Jong for his guidance.

    The guys at for their guidance.

    The guys at for their guidance.

    James Perry for his playtesting and invaluable feedback.


    Sorry for the delay peeps I have just recovered from the dreaded swine flu.

    Coming Next... ...DM-Sulphur (Beta now available -

    Nice man, i will add it to site asap tonight, can i add to a mappack someday?

    Edit: Added to database now at:

    I've also added it to our New DM maps server at:
    If there are any volunteers for adminning this server send me a pm

    Greetz zunnie

    PS: The map is playing right now, so feel free to join


      Just played, very well made, thx and gj mate


        Looks very well made! THX for your efforts. D/Ling


          Thanks zunnie for mirroring this (Filebucket, uck). Three additional mirrors on Mapraider:

          You probably saw the automated email snorkelbottom, but in case you didn't -- I also assigned this map to your account on Mapraider so that you can manage it if you need to.


            good remake

            I like the crazy futuristic atmosphere generated with the shiny surfaces, fog/mist, steam, metal meshes/textures, icicles, etc. The gameplay is definitely classic and fun, and I also found it works well for 3-4 players. Not sure you got the lifeless, tomb-like atmosphere you wanted with all the shiny surfaces; in fact, you may have livened up the place.


              nice map ; i like all the colors changes that u have done + the little ices on the "freezers" is a nice touch
              thx for ur work :-)


                **** one of my fav map for ut2004 still play it now and again.

                Thanks m8.


                  Nice MAP , gj


                    Oh that was a fav map back in 2004 will download and try it asap!


                      I have found two issues with this map Still some blocking volumes on side of the upper walk ways.

                      It's mostly likely nothing but it's just something I think could be addressed.

                      Plus I found some computer systems you can walk into lol.

                      But I don't have a pic of it yet.

                      Overall this map it very fun to play.


                        Thanks everyone for the kind comments, didn't think such a simple map would be so popular. However, there will be a slight delay on my next project DM-Oblivion because I've got workmen in installing a kitchen and bathroom.

                        EDIT: Thanks for the heads up zerglings, but obviously unless any more issues are found there wouldn't really be much point re-releasing the map to correct them two issues, even though there are no blocking volumes where you have pointed to :S. That, and I've got no access to PC for the next two weeks!


                          I've gotta say, I really love this map! The layout it great (I especially enjoy having the second floor to run around on), and it flows very nicely - great for classic deathmatch carnage.

                          In terms of visuals, the use of static meshes is excellent, and the lighting is well done. The only issue I ran into was that the cryo tubes have no collision. Other than that, no immediately apparent problems.

                          Awesome map!


                            Okay, I have amended the issues mentioned by Zerglings & Horror in the unpublished source file for this map, unless their are any other issues me and the beta testers missed I will recook it when DM-Oblivion goes Beta.


                              What an apt bit of map naming….
                              Downloaded, installed using map mixer, tried to play it and it crashed.