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    Name: CTF-Aetherdale
    Version: 1.0
    Compatibility: Unreal Tournament 3 (Patch 5)

    Description: For many years, this mystical settlement has remained secluded and free from the ravages of war. However, a valuable resource located within the depths of the isle has attracted the attention of two warring factions, and they will tear Aetherdale asunder to claim it.

    Comments: This is my first release for the Unreal 3 engine. incidentally, this is also my first post on the Epic forums - so let me give a great big hello to you all!


    that's looks really good and refreshing from the pics !

    all new assets are self-made?


      Yep, anything that didn't come with UT3 was created by myself


        wow that look so good downloading now


          Originally posted by Horror View Post
          Yep, anything that didn't come with UT3 was created by myself
          I just take a look in the Ed, that's a huge job you've done here



            Thanks mate! It almost killed me


              Looks good! Downloading...
              It's really nice to see people still make high quality UT3 maps, keep up the good work!


                wow! sweet pictures...D/L....thx for ur work


                  Looks very nice, good job on the custom meshes!

                  I will give you more feedback once I've gotten a chance to play it.



                    /me passes out

                    /me revives, quickly mirrors this beauty on Mapraider's three mirrors, and fires up UT3



                      /me catches his breath

                      Awesome. Awesome. And as SEBASTIEN-NOVA said -- very refreshing. I love:

                      * That although the map looks like it could be flat, it is *FAR*, far from it. I was actually surprised at the amount of vertical action.
                      * The asymmetry (and wish more maps did this)
                      * The variety of paths to the flag bases is very nice.
                      * The attention to detail is awesome, ie. the slightly curved roof-lines
                      * The surprisingly good frame rates.

                      After a quick run through, the only thing that I would say that could use improvement is the blue flag base. The idea is cool, but it seems way too difficult, especially when you've got defenders in the base with you. Between falling off the island (from the raised elevator above the tree line), getting crushed, and getting knocked off the elevator with the shock rifle, it is almost too painful. The visual aspect of the blue base feels a little out of place too, but that may be on purpose.

                      Otherwise, superbly done!


                        sExy MaP XD to my collection Thanks for making another ctf map it need more maps from this gametype


                          Excellent visuals m8..... downloading.


                            Welcome on Epic forum dude

                            For your first post, you surprise us with a hammer map (meaning that it look extremely good )

                            Ho man, your custom content look **** nice from those pics. Everything look coherent & blend very well together

                            I'll try it asap. I'm curious about about the gameplay / flow aspect.

                            Anyway, many THX for your work & welcome again.


                              Such an attractive map. Hats off for a job well done!! I must say thats the best render I've seen of windmill in the UT3 universe. Plays well too. Lots alternative pathways, and interesting places to explore.

                              If you recover form your efforts I'd be more than interested in your next project

                              Many thanks