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DM-SimpleRoomOfDeath II

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    DM-SimpleRoomOfDeath II

    Name: DM-SimpleRoomOfDeath II
    Version: Final
    Compatibility: PC patch 2.1
    Description: This is my second UT3 map that I publish. I made a second SimpleRoom, because some people that have tryed my first one, thought it was to small. So I made a nother room that goes around the first one. I made a few changes to the textures as well, I did not want to use the same as I did for the first one.

    Nice will add it to game-maps shortly


    Added to the database, nice man, can i add to a mappack sometime?

    Greetz zunnie


      Thanks for getting that off FilePlanet, zunnie. Ugh, FP is awful.

      The map is very simple (obviously from the name). Looks pretty much constructed completely out of octagonal BSP brushes aside from the light fixtures and power/pickups so it'll play well on pretty much any computer that can run UT3.

      Texturing and lighting are bland. Arena is completely flat -- don't expect any z-axis action unless you're jumping around like a rabbit. The structure of the map is a good starting point, but it really could use some more polish to make it more interesting.

      In any case, I've taken a few more screenshots to better illustrate the map and added it to Mapraider's mirrors we well:

      Thanks for sharing, Adversary.


        Thanks for feedback people.

        zunnie, sure you can put it in a mappack. Let me know what mappack when it`s added please.

        FreakinMeany: I wanted to keep it simple, just like its brother (SimpleRoomOfDeath). It is supose to be simple in all sorts of ways. One reason is the name, one other is because I dont know to much about maping yet. I have many ideas, but not the knowledge to make my ideas a reality. =/
        I might even make a 3rd versjon of this, where there is much more details, pathways and z-axis action.

        Thanks for taking more screenshots.