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    Compilation Map Pack

    Compilation Map Pack

    This map pack is a compilation of all of the content I've created for the game Unreal Tournament 3. Not all maps are shown in the screenshots.

    Version: 1.1
    Compatibility: Unreal Tournament 3: Patch 5




    --- Detained ---
    Detained is a snowed in military complex high up in the mountains. The map is very roughly based on rat race. Overall I enjoy the gameplay. The DM version of the map is basically a large ring with 2 teleporters that take you to oposite sides of the map. The CTF version is a mirrored version of the DM map with modified spawns and teleports. The gameplay remains the same but is a little more open. There was a unfortuneate corruption with the packages so the map remains slightly unfinished. Sorry.

    --- Iron Works ---
    Iron works is based on the map Lockout from Halo 2. It has a lot of fun multi level combat and a pretty good balance of weapons and powerups. Once again this map never reached the level of polish that I really wanted but it's still a fun layout.

    --- Revelations ---
    Revelations was originally modeled by Sel and Mass. The map was released for HCE and Sel annoyed me into making a unreal version. :3 It's a fun little VCTF map but the bots are god awful so I suggested disabling them if you can. The TDM version plays the same but the bots are a little less retarded. In TDM you will spawn at your at your corresponding base.

    --- Gridlock ---
    Writing a description for this map would take another 15 minutes so just check out the video of how it works at .

    --- Transcendence ---
    Transcendence is a good DM map with tight close quarters combat in the center and nice ranged combat around the outer loops. This is the first map I have ever built with brushes and I think it turned out well though the map has a few issues ( the outer areas are not used very much in DM ) Overall the game play is good and players are given a high degree of mobility around the map. Allowing them to ambush there enemies at every corner.

    --- Transcendence ---
    In my opinion the CTF version of this map is better in most ways. I highly enjoyed the map and I found it wasn't IMPOSSIBLE to capture a flag but it was a challenge. Defensive sniping is the key to keeping your flag while a brute force rush through the underside of the map is your only way to get a capture. I prefer disabled translocaters on this map.

    --- Cyclotron ---
    This is a port of the map Ivory Tower from halo 2. The map plays well in unreal and has lots of multi level combat which keeps it interesting. There is no flak canon on this map obviously. In beta we discovered that the person holding the flak always won. So we removed it for the sake of game play haha.

    --- Harbinger ---
    This is a sort of "re-imagining" of delta halo from halo 2. The model was done by snafubar then later revised by me for gameplay. I then unwrapped the map using textures from disaster, conscars, jean-luc and bungie. This map was originally planned for halo CE but I decided to make a unreal version as well. Gameplay wise this map is a sniper haven. Shock rifles and snipers will dominate the bridges while bio rifles and link guns will control the corner bases.

    --- Abandon ---
    This is a map inspired by "Derelict" from halo 1. It's a large circular arena map with a focus on mid range combat and controlling the center. Most of the power weapons are around the edge of the map while the sniper and uDamage are dead center. Overall it's a great map for a few player and has a nice balance.

    --- Afterburn ---
    This is a direct port of the BSP of Midship. The map isn't very pretty but it's a blast for 1v1. I personally *****'d the Shock Rifle to death on this map (and trust me sDavis will vouch for me on that) and it was some great 1v1 with a good distribution of weapons. There is a uDamage at the center of the map but you will have do a rocket or impact jump to get to them.

    --- Forlorn ---
    This is a nice long rectangular map that hangs out over an ocean. The map has many levels with a good balance between CQC and mid range sniping. It also has many quick jump that can help to get you around the map faster but you need to be careful or your footing so you don't slip off. There is a super health in the top of the map but it requires a really good rocket jump to get too so it's a "risk vs. reward" kind of thing to go for it.

    English Mobster


    looks nice...D/L
    thx for ur work


      Originally posted by Bl!tz~ View Post
      looks nice...D/L
      thx for ur work

      Appreciate the efforts! looks like a nice variety of goodies packed in this one.


        The whole pack looks cool! Can't wait to try out that Gridlock map... looks interesting.

        In the meantime, I've mirrored this on Mapraider's three mirrors:


          commented on your youtube.
          looks cool.
          downloading almost practically right now.


            tag for later download


              Originally posted by rek View Post
              commented on your youtube.
              looks cool.
              downloading almost practically right now.
              I can't handle the suspense, plz let us know when you eventually do rek ..

              Originally posted by kaotrix View Post
              tag for later download
              Is this your way of saying thx?

              (couldn't resist, - i'm surprised a 3rd person didn't post and say 'considering download') whew ..

              Inferyes: again great stuff. Thank you.


                installed, must now test drive.


                  Thx for keeping us posted Rek ..

                  We've got to know when you play it, plz tell us the results man.


                    player loads?

                    Can anyone recommend good player load ranges for the following maps?


                    Thank you.



                      awesome skybox with destroyed moon and clouds with orange nebula-like light; cool waterfall into a void but can’t get to the other side of the map to see the other side of the waterfall. You better watch out for pit of despair. Go ahead and load up this map for DM or TDM with TDM being more fun obviously. The bots aren’t too bright and they’re not any brighter in the VCTF version of this map with being able to defend and that’s about it.


                        this REALLY needs to be cooked for ps3.
                        these maps look awesome