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    thalos, you did great on this map. I know you have put alot of effort into this map.
    I have been keeping tabs on the progress. Thank You for the very fun remake.

    I should warn all of you players out there. When you mix this map with the excessive mod and plenty of alcohol.... you will have more fun then should be legal

    LMAO good times

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    Good job dude you did a awesome job very close to the original and very beautiful! (nice lava)

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    Thalos! glad to see this bad-boy make final, this is probably the single best -faithful style- 'CTF' map anyone has released to date, your willingness to listen to suggestions during your beta phase were also somewhat remarkable considering this is your first and only release <SO FAR> you really have 'THE RIGHT STUFF' as far as attitude and approach.

    I'm honored to have been part of the process on a gem of a remake such as this. Thank you for all of your hard efforts.

    5 Stars all the way on this one, <INCREDIBLE> job on the UV light mapping, cascade effects, etc. and preserving the original elements / look & feel of the UT2004 version.

    I've added your map to the final section of my remake thread .. (which reminds me; i'll ad keyser325's version as well, we certainly appreciate his work also & his version is an great remake also as a 'redux style' - as i always say more than 1 version <IS A GOOD THING> - it gives players choices)

    i'm amazed that you kept the compressed file size under 25MB .. Whats next? (any other plans for another remake?) - Stop by this thread if ya want when you get a chance

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    Also added to Mapraider's three mirrors (not that you needed it, but just in case those links eventually don't work for whatever reason and someone stumbles on this thread):

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    Looks quite nice M8!
    I like tha yellow edge for the lava and the skydome looks pretty good!
    Expect a download from me for this!

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  • started a topic CTF-Magma


    Name: CTF-Magma

    Version: Final
    Compatibility: UT3 Version 2.1 with Titan pack
    Description: A near faithful recreation of the UT2004 map CTF-Magma.



    Change Log:- From Beta 4
    Implemented music track KR-Infernal-Realm lossless source

    Raised hurricane meshes to unobscure volcano

    Implemented bloom on sky material (sun bloom)

    Reworked volcano particle

    Other minor tweaks

    The collision problem half way up the volcano path is still a problem this is due to an inclination problem and would require a significant reworking of the volcano mesh which I was not willing to do

    so jump over it.

    For reasonable Bot game play set bots to skilled or higher
    Compressed to cabinet format winrar and WinZip will extract


    Hourences - Tutorials
    DGUnreal - Tutorials
    The forum community
    1XTreme - testing
    keyser325 - testing

    Download: Gamefront

    Download: Mediafire