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    UT3 Config Subdir Creator

    Name: UT3 Config Subdir Creator
    Version: 1.1
    Compatibility: All versions

    This application will allow you to:
    • add and delete config subdirs
    • create shortcuts for desired config subdirs
    • launch the game with desired config subdir
    • NEW in 1.1: launch Unreal Editor / create shortcut for UnrealEd with desired config subdir

    What is config subdir?

    Config subdir is a feature which allows you to create a folder within the existing config folder the game uses. Then, game can be launched using the config files from newly created subdir by adding a parameter to game launch, either via shortcut or command line. A folder with default config files must be created in game's install dir as well. Some mods use this to run ther own config files (UWindow, for example). It's also pratcical for movie maker who have special config for recording demoplayback. This way they can have two shortcuts, one for their demo recording config and other for regular playing. No need to swap files manually... This application makes it all easy for you!

    Remember that this is not any kind of tweaker. This program will not edit any files for you. You can edit config files in the game itself, manually or using some tweaker like BradG's UT3 Tweaker.

    Interop.IWshRuntimeLibrary.dll is included in this release just to make sure everything will work.
    + I'm just a beginner in programming world. This is only my second program made available to public (first one is my BC2 tweaker which has over 2800 downloads). So, please have understanding if program crashes on you or doesn't work. But make sure to let me know if it does, so I can look into it and try and find the problem - one of best ways to learn, isn't it?


    Credits: Epic and Microsoft's C#


    Nice one Fio!


      Updated, check 1st post.