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DM-Lea-Pro v1.1 (Updated 2014-02-11) (Improved Lighting & Gameplay!) (Pro Complete!)

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    DM-Lea-Pro v1.1 (Updated 2014-02-11) (Improved Lighting & Gameplay!) (Pro Complete!)

    Name: DM-Lea-Pro
    Version: Pro v1.1 (Updated 2014-02-11)
    Compatibility: PC
    Description: Lea



    For clarification purposes, I am **not** the original author of Lea. I created the UT3 version of this map, which is a remake of the UT2004 map by H1ghTecM@n^ (Mourouvin C). The layout is his original design, all rights in that regard belong to him. I merely recreated this map for UT3 from scratch. Special thanks to H1ghTecM@n^ for making a great UT2004 map which has inspired me to make remakes of his work.

    I used to play UT2004 a lot and I remembered a map called DM-1on1-Lea. I remembered playing it in a tourney against Perfection. (I lost in overtime). Anywho, this map seemed like it would be a great duel for for UT3. I decided to waste over 100 hours making this map so that only I and a few other people can enjoy it because UT3 is such a dead game. Holy **** I'm depressing myself. Seriously though, even if you don't like UT3 yet it's installed or you have it, check out this map. It's pretty cool.

    You will need the Titan Pack because I used some textures / meshes from the Titan Pack. If you don't have the Titan Pack, then you're probably not using UT3 to play it online.

    This is my first map for UT3. Technically, it's my first completed map ever. I've made attempts when I played UT2004, but I never actually finished a map, let alone a layout. This map is the culmination of my efforts in the past and I think it shows.

    I put a lot of time and effort into optimizing the map for good performance (framerate, lag, etc). If you turn your graphics all the way up, your framerate should barely suffer. If you turn your graphics all the way down (specifically detail mode), the map will become like a low poly holp map. A lot of the machinery, pipes, 3D trims and vegetation which are pretty much non essential have been removed for low quality detail mode. This ensures that the map has great performance but still looks good since I've put a lot of effort into it.

    I have reworked the blocking volumes in Lea-Pro so that there should be zero collision issues. Every single wall has blocking volumes, which therefore means you shouldn't get stuck on ANYTHING. The collision in the Pro version is superb.

    I hope you guys enjoy the map. Let me know what you think.

    What's new in Lea-Pro?:

    v1.1 (Updated 2014-02-11)
    - Changed double jump pads near 50a to single jump pad. Removed pipe. Makes this area much cleaner.
    - Tweaked radius on some of the jump pads.

    v1.0 (Updated 2013-03-10)

    - Changed the name from DM-1on1-Lea to DM-Lea-Pro
    - Added bot pathing.
    - Improved Lighting
    - Improved Blocking volumes on all walls
    - Significantly Improved Lifts for lift jumping to higher areas.
    - Improved jump pads. Now with air control.
    - Added an additional shock ammo.
    - Added a helmet.
    - Slightly altered the 50a area so that the ramp lines up with the floor better.
    - Raised some ceilings and diagonal walls in key places for improved flow when performing lift jumps.
    - Fixed some problematic spawn points.
    - Slight Graphics Improvement including spinning turbines, tweaked skybox for improved visibility against shock cores. Added broken tiles / grass. More leaves. Fixed some trims and a few graphical anomalies. Added pretty trees.
    - Added a neat animating map movie for the map selection screen.

    Screenshot: (click to enlarge)


    Special thanks to Noob Zaibot for the creation of elevators, lighting, various
    other tweaks, suggestions and playtesting.

    Thanks to Elude for helping me with Editor related problems.
    Thanks to buzzard and twoscents for editor help.
    Thanks to Legionz for playtesting and being awesome.
    Thanks to L.S.D.GoD (Aka JesusOfUT3) for spinning turbines & flipping the doors right-side up.
    Thanks to my buddy Seth for being FABULOUS in a non homosexual way.
    Thanks to my friends and family for suppor... okay this is getting ridiculous. lol

    Homepage: - Home of the North American UT3 Community. We do weekly 3v3 TDMs and 4v4 CTFs. We host Duel Tournaments with cash prizes. Check it out.

    Copyright - I do not copyright any of the maps that I create. If you want to modify this map, please go ahead. I ask that you provide credit to the original map authors, including the original UT2004 map author and myself. Please do not steal this map and claim it as your own. Other than that, do whatever you want. :-)

    for Playing:
    DM-Lea-Pro v1.1 (Updated 2014-02-11) | Backup Link 1 | 2

    for Map Editing:
    DM-Lea-Pro v1.1 Uncooked for Map Editing Purposes


    OBSOLETE (DO NOT DOWNLOAD) - DM-Lea-Pro (Updated 2013-03-10) | Backup Link 1 | 2 - OBSOLETE (DO NOT DOWNLOAD)

    OBSOLETE (DO NOT DOWNLOAD) - DM-Lea-Pro Uncooked for Map Editing Purposes | Backup Link 1 | 2 - OBSOLETE (DO NOT DOWNLOAD)

    OBSOLETE (DO NOT DOWNLOAD) - DM-1on1-Lea (Very First Version) (Released in 2010) - OBSOLETE (DO NOT DOWNLOAD)


    looks nice ,thx for ur work; D/L...

    edit: just tryed it and i like very much; good remake making justice to the original (especially fun with the dodge-jump mutator imo)
    visuals are pleasant and well done and the flow of the gameplay is lethal & fast
    thx again for that good map
    i ll install it on our little server asap


      I don't remember the original, still, the pics are looking very good. Look like you made a very good use of stock assets

      100 hours to build this map is a very fast building time for me but I'm sure it flows well since you put a good amount of time on collisions / BV.

      Will try it out asap.

      THX for your work


        sounds good, I d/l it right now

        edit 2:
        verry good duel map with an excelent flow (but no botpathing...)



          I didn't put any bot pathing. I didn't expect anybody to play bots on this map. lol


            The map looks really fine! It gives you that UT2004-feel while playing. Good job! A nice remake (although I didn't play the original map yet I can tell you for sure that the map theme is like in UT2004 maps)
            I hate collisions in stock UT3 maps because I always get stuck on some small details (sometimes even floor) but as you said in your first post you made it with blocking volumes. One of the reasons why it is a great map!


              Originally posted by Neillithan View Post
              I didn't put any bot pathing. I didn't expect anybody to play bots on this map. lol
              So it would be cool to have botpathing on it, some guys like me often play offline


                I hardly ever play online these days, so I definitely agree -- it'd be nice to have bots in this nice-looking map. Since you don't use version numbering, maybe an "SE" version? /ducking

                Anyway, I've added this version to Mapraider's three mirrors:


                Edit: By the way, I was curious about the original UT2004 version so I did some digging and believe that this is it. Neil can correct me if I'm wrong, but if it is, I definitely like Neil's version much better.


                  This is a good remake!


                    Tjis looks good. I think I remember this map and I enjoyed it. Remake should be good


                      Excellent map, a very worthy remake, and a very well done one at that. Quality abounds and the hours of work are plainly apparent. Thanks





                          I do not know the original so I can't compare.

                          Still, you made a good use of the stock assets & lighting is also well done

                          My major issue is the lack of bot support. After putting such effort to be a faithful remake without any bot support is odd. Also you just cut more than 90% of the players to appreciate your work.

                          UT3 is more a offline game since a long time. It's even less popular than UT2004 for online gaming so no bot support is making your map playing like **** offline.

                          There are also some meshes near walls that you can see trough & others you get stuck on them when your close to the walls.

                          In all, it look & feel good.

                          Can't talk about flow / gameplay since bots act like dummies

                          THX for your work anyway


                            Thats a good remake you have there, and it runs fantastically well.

                            However, its useless for me unless it has bot support. I still play UT3 often, just offline. If you could spend some time on the bot pathing, then I will definitely be keeping it.


                              I downloaded the other day and then deleted 5 minutes later when I read no bot support.

                              EDIT: Cool, will be looking forward to the bot support!

                              EDIT AGAIN: Looks like still no bot support.