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DM-HardFall [Final][Pics]

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    DM-HardFall [Final][Pics]

    Map Name: HardFall
    Game Type: DM / TDM
    Version: 1.0
    Players: 6 - 12
    Compatibility: Any UT3 (no bonus packs required)
    Released: 15 June 2010

    (only PC right now. I will build for PS3 if requested.)

    download from Mapraider
    download from
    download from UT-Files
    download from Dropbox




    Move all files into C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAME\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps

    If the directory does not exist, create it manually.

    Type "open DM-HardFall" in the console, or select the level in a multiplayer/instant action game.

    • BeyondUnreal. Since the early days of the first Nali City, QAPete and the others have provided an invaluable resource to myself and the Unreal community.
    • stevelois. Your continuous help was critical to making the map what it is.
    • {BFG}Bl!tz~ for your positive comments, constructive criticism, and help in online testing.
    • Thrallala for your keen eyes and ears.
    • Diesalot for your comments on RC5. Like last-minute frags, last-minute comments still count!
    • Grogan for your enthusiastic feedback.
    • SkaarjMaster, Godfrey.Payans, WedgeBob, Lord PorkSword, Rulaman, and Odedge for your feedback and encouragement.
    • 3D Buzz and their Old School UT3 Contest. That contest provided a much-needed injection of life into the UT3 community and was a great opportunity for mappers to share ideas and techniques.
    • Pharion, Joker, and Twrecks for your repeated help early-on in the 3D Buzz forums.
    • Kunakai, apoisonedgift, Mtg_Kirin, and XYZ8000 for your feedback and encouragement.
    • Many others on the BeyondUnreal, UOF, and 3D Buzz forums.
    • Members of the Unreal community that put in so much effort and ask for little in return.
    • Epic for making some of the greatest games/toolsets and for their ongoing support of the Unreal community.


    Thanks to some seats Liandri acquired on the local antiquities board, they were able to gain rights to a historic building in sprawling downtown Akron. Its rooftop garden along with adjacent buildings made a perfect opportunity for some cross-rooftop jump-pad madness. But if you don't like the idea of flying across urban canyons, don't worry. The rooftops have plenty of less precarious areas as well.

    Development Threads:

    Other Release Threads:

    See the included file DM-HardFall-Readme.txt for more information such as technical details.

    omg!.....a rain of top maps
    i already posted on BU but i cant watch that "1 star rating" here...i have to vote
    again thx for that nice map


      finally done, gj mate!


        Thanks guys. I thought the world might end before I finally got this released, but it looks like I beat it by a nose.


          I already comments on BU but I made a stop to add my 5 stars vote & to say THX again Jesse


            Added to Mapraider's three mirrors:



              Excellent job mate. 5 Stars


                Originally posted by FreakinMeany View Post
                Added to Mapraider's three mirrors:

                Excellent! I've added the link to the first post.

                Great site BTW... clean design, nice screenshot presentation, and good amount of map info.

                The only issue I noticed is that the genre for this map is incorrect. Mapraider displays Ancient/Gothic/Medieval, but the map is Contemporary/Urban. If I register for an account, is that something I can change?


                  Thanks, SuperAlgae. The site is showing it's age (almost 8 years old) though and I'm in the process of finishing a much, much needed and vastly improved overhaul.

                  Sorry for the genre mistake, but yes, everything about the map is editable by the author. I went ahead and changed the genre. If you do end up registering, let me know and I'll assign the map to your account so you can manage it.


                    It's about time this went final.


                      Gratz on getting this final!
                      Great map with great visuals M8!


                        Wow, I guess I need to hang out at BU more often! Awesome map! Great attention to detail and I love the lighting. Animated cars yeah!!



                          Added it to our 1337-DB :P
                          Can i add it to a mappack sometime in the future? Would be nice

                          I also installed the map on our server
                          I like!

                          Greetz zunnie

                          Server Info Page:
                          Server Stats:


                            Thanks everyone for the enthusiastic feedback!

                            Originally posted by zunnie View Post

                            Added it to our 1337-DB :P
                            Can i add it to a mappack sometime in the future? Would be nice

                            I also installed the map on our server
                            I like!

                            Greetz zunnie

                            Server Info Page:
                            Server Stats:
                            Very cool. It's nice to see it start showing up on game servers.

                            I've added your download link to the first post.

                            If you want to include it in a free map pack, I'd be very happy with that. Just include the readme file. If the map pack is not free or you have some other scenario that might not be covered under the conditions in the readme, just send me a PM or email.


                              Yep yep, readme is always included, and it is a free mappack that you can download on game-maps over here:

                              As you can see i made 5 mappacks with 10 cool maps each already, i'm currently
                              collecting more maps again until we hit the 10 maps again and i make a new mappack
                              and then i will include your map in it (along with the readme)

                              I'm glad people still make cool maps
                              I only play custom maps these days, they fun most of them. And i am one of those guys that wants to
                              support the mapmakers and see their efforts thanked for by running their maps on our servers. We have
                              3 servers with custom content only: A WAR, VCTF and DM one, see for details.

                              Greetz zunnie