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    Any ideas why this map takes a long time to load after a server restart? It happens only on a server restart the first time the map is played. It's like the server needs to cache something big.

    Version 31 didn't do it, RC1 did it but not as bad maybe?

    The only other map that I've seen do this is Calahan2, it behaved the same exact way. Calahan2's build version was old and not current, I always thought that was the reason.

    I tried reinstalling from a different download site but no luck.


      It takes time to compile the local cache.
      Actually RC1 is 99.9% same as the final, except a few small bugs, so that's kinda weird.


        great map!

        The good preview shots is a prelude to a great map with a great music choice as well as good sounds from the crackling of fire to the wind and the "voices" telling me this map is a good one. The visuals of the fire, snow and heat look very professional also. The fire looks good in the lanterns also but with all that heat in the map surely the icicles would be melted by now. This map has good textures/meshes, lighting/shadows and trim with everything looking very clean. The cracks in the floor, custom teleporter and custom jump pads really contribute to the total map atmosphere. With all the great atmosphere in this one, the gameplay is good as well with classic gameplay, good flow and plenty of z-axis. I'm sure this one rocks online!


          Is there a reason the weapons are so sparse on this map and so far from the player starts?

          Other than that great map!


            Is anyone else seeing heavy seaming all over this map? Along virtually every join, i'm seeing the telltale flickery pixels of fine gaps between surfaces.

            I've tried upping my admittedly low set resolution for this game past what I can normally run but it's still there, it's a complete shame as the level itself is beautiful, but the seams are noticeable enough to be constantly distracting.