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    Originally posted by M^vL View Post
    Okay I tried this and it does work to a degree showing gibs. The bad part is that the jump pads and the ability to elevator jump are all screwed up so I will have to redial those rates in. The jump pads launch you miles in the air so I have to change those.

    More on the gibs: Yes gibs are showing up but they are not consistent and sometimes produce very unusual shapes. They also don't show up immediately i.e. there is a lag which I guess is relative to gravity settings and sometimes they don't show at all which is weird.

    I'll keep playing with this some more but if I can't get the overall quality of it back to what I had, I'll bag it.
    Well it was worth a shot bro, and I appreciate you putting the time in to try. If all else fails, we will have to settle without blood decals