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DM-MCC-SpaceNoxx [PC][PS3]

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    DM-MCC-SpaceNoxx [PC][PS3]

    Name: DM-MCC-SpaceNoxx
    Version: v1.00
    Player Count: 4 to 6 players
    Compatibility: UT3 PC v2.1 PS3 v2.0
    Release Date: 4/28/10:PC (7/30/10:PS3)

    A remake of the famous DM-FST-SpaceNoxx in UT2004 by Fuegerstef (Northrawn) which in turn was a remake of DM-SpaceNoxx in UT done by Cedric "Inoxx" Fiorentino.

    Liandri tournament operators discovered this derelict space platform in a decaying orbit, noting that it would be ideal for maximum carnage. Most likely a failed, experimental weapon, the abandoned platform still produces its own energy with some form of active force field in the center. A Liandri salvage team was able to grapple onto it with their most powerful cargo transporter and tow it to a safe orbit where it could be used for years for the popular, bloody deathmatches.

    There have been a few SpaceNoxx versions out there but none of them have come close to the glory of Fuegerstef's version for UT2004. Just for yuks I decided to build a Fuegerstef replica for UT3. This one is rebuilt from scratch but I was able to export many of the textures and some of the meshes from 2004 to make it feel like home. :-) I will attempt a PS3 version but that will come later.

    To learn more about the making of this map, check out the beta forum:

    [screenshot][/screenshot] [screenshot][/screenshot][screenshot][/screenshot] [screenshot][/screenshot] [screenshot][/screenshot] [screenshot][/screenshot] [screenshot][/screenshot] [screenshot][/screenshot]

    Download PC:

    Download PS3:

    1) Epic for the awesome game/tools.
    2) Fuegerstef(Northrawn): For his UT2004 remake that was the most played map on my UT2004 server and easily my favorite map remake from UT99 to UT2004.
    2) Stevelois: Thanks again for all of the beta testing! You really helped make this map ALOT better! You are a map fixin' machine!
    3) Bl!tz~: Thanks for all of the beta testing and encouragement!
    4) Bl!tz~ children: Found a bug I NEVER would have found! I might have to hire those "monkies" again for my next map!
    5) :_(ry: Thanks for the mega beta testing!
    6) [FnG]Bawsy: Thanks for testing and words of encouragment. I get a kick out of the fact that you like the old maps.
    4) Additional Epic Beta Forum help - Many thanks to: Lord PorkSword, Thrallala, LTX4 and L1A
    6) Hourences tutorials!

    Good Lord, FINALLY!!!


      awesome job mate and thx for the credits to my children ...after reading that they was happy^^

      if only epics had add some remakes of this quality in original UT3 it never had be such a flop... here is the pure UT spirit ...more than in all thoses overmeshed & textured stock maps....imho

      edit: map is installed on ~THUND3RL4ND~Server and uz3 file updated on mp.gaming-redirect to the final version


        Great to this this hit final M8!
        Downloading now!


          Absolutely fantastic stuff.

          I honestly dont believe anybody could 'remake' this better than the version you have just pulled off. It plays every bit as well as it has always done, and now has just the right amount of graphical flair to make it look modern, but without distracting.

          You can rest easy at night, safe in the knowledge that your hard work sits on my hard drive for regular usage

          Wife & kids wont be seeing much of me the next few nights...



            After all those hours, days, months of testing, it's finally here

            Many THX for this perfect remake, a must & I'm very happy to add this awesome map to my top picks !!!

            Also, THX for the credits, I always appreciate when author give according credits

            You can be proud Martin


              Thanks guys!


                Ho, I forgot to say that the babes are really hot dude & also happy to see others things you fix

                I'm surprise the screwed sound as been remove ? I mean, I don't ear it anymore.


                  Originally posted by stevelois View Post
                  Ho, I forgot to say that the babes are really hot dude & also happy to see others things you fix

                  I'm surprise the screwed sound as been remove ? I mean, I don't ear it anymore.
                  Glad you like the new babes! You hear a much smaller zap sound as you go through and it is not heard too far away from the ring. I decided to localize it much more. It was a little too close to what I'm already doing in DeathFan so I wanted to differentiate it more.


                    Where do you find the redeemer room with the picture of the hot babe?


                      Originally posted by chrisl121212 View Post
                      Where do you find the redeemer room with the picture of the hot babe?
                      Shoot at or touch the switch that is down below/behind the elevator.


                        Awesome. Awesome. Awesome! A kick-*** remake of one of my all-time favs from UT

                        Added to Mapraider's three mirrors as well:



                          While I can't say it's my "cup of tea" when it comes to playstyle, it offers some nice low-gravity fun. It's a very nice looking map with a cool "look" to it.

                          I wasn't originally aware of the Redeemer room and when I jumped down and trigger it, I wondered what was going on. Not only does it have a nice animation, there is also a nice reward, well two nice rewards.

                          Overall, nice work!



                            Added to our vast database


                              Very nice remake old mate.
                              I had good fun with bots on here.
                              Good job.