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General Wiliiam Molenar [Alpha][Pics]

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  • General Wiliiam Molenar [Alpha][Pics]

    Name: General William Molenar

    Version: V1.00


    Description: Once a hero of liberation now a man destroyed by an act of violence that shattered his faith in his Government. Now he has been chosen to liberate the 8 colonies, take down their Equivalent Leaders and find Henry – Mankind’s greatest achievement and threat, a being based on Earths greatest Soldier, William Molenar.

    Comments : This is part of my Final Year project on my BA (Hons) Degree and in my project i wanted to create a character to playable in UT3. I stated that i would eventually share my creation with the Epic Games Forum. So here it is, if you could leave crits about what ive done that would be great guys. I shall put all feedback into my final written report. Hope you like what ive done *IMPORTANT* Incase that the top of General Molenars hair doesnt appear in-game you can add fix this by selecting Helmet when first choosing to play as my character, i separated the top of the head in the UVW Layout to texture it easier.


    Credits:I would like to thank everyone at Sony who helped me out creating my character in particular i would like to thank John Dwyer and also Nick Sadler and Rob Hannah for all there advice. Thanks guys



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    thx for your work


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      Thankyou Bl!tz I am glad you like what I have produced


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        This is pretty good. Nice work!


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          I remember seeing this model before, but the only flaw I'm seeing here is that his torso up is quite bigger than is torso down.


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            custom first person arms?


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              Looks very nice! Excellent work Any team skins?