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KBR_Mosque and BR_Mosque

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    KBR_Mosque and BR_Mosque

    A very large outdoor Bombing Run map
    Two versions included - BR_Mosque for Warhead's mod and KBR_Mosque for Kilter's mod. A CTF map is also included. Be SURE to read the README.rtf file included with the download.

    incredible work

    -im agree its a "very large level" (its only at the end of 4 mins that bot meet another bot)
    -Its very detailed,
    but cliffs and caves need better textures and polish
    -i think that a mini-map is essential
    -ball room have a prob : one exit/entry
    -there is a cave that me teleporte on an island (where a boat and a tower) but not output
    -package contains errors: I dont have access to "CTF-Mosque.ut3"
    (so I have only test KBR version of the map)
    -separate package for each map will make easier to download
    -no blocking volumes on edges of map
    -no screen in your post

    This map would be better in warface (or vctf).


      Thanks for your feedback.

      There exist five teleporters on the island to return to the mainland. You must explore the island. Some of these return paths offer deadly attacks against the opposing team.

      CTF_Mosque is one of the three maps in the download. I have no idea why it would be required by either Bombing Run map however. Can you provide more details?

      There are many blocking volumes. To my knowledge the play area is completely enclosed. I suspect it's just larger than you think. For example, you can walk out into the desert a LONG way before encountering a blocking volume.

      Correct, no mini map and no screen shot in my original post. Probably these won't be fixed.


        Originally posted by briano View Post
        There exist five teleporters on the island to return to the mainland. You must explore the island. Some of these return paths offer deadly attacks against the opposing team.
        I thought it was (near of guns), i was looking for next to the tower.

        Originally posted by briano View Post
        CTF_Mosque is one of the three maps in the download. I have no idea why it would be required by either Bombing Run map however. Can you provide more details?
        i use winrar and ive "crc failure CTF-Mosque.ut3 file is corrupt"


          The package was assembled and verified (CRC) using Winrar. Perhaps your download was corrupted? I will check this the next time I have the opportunity, I'm presently at another location without access to the files.

          Island hint: find shallow water ;-)


            I have uploaded the entire package (CTFMosque, BRMosque and KBRMosque) to:


            I continue to attempt to make these maps available to the public, but regardless of where I upload them they always seem to disappear after a short while.

            Full installation instructions are included in the package. Feedback welcome.



              I suggest you create an account on Mapraider or SI & upload your files there. Those are reliable hosting sites & much more

              Another great hosting is UTZone but you must understand German


                not dutch


                  Thanks for the tip, I'll look into both sites.

                  There are BR and CTF versions of Mosque for UT2004 as well, but I doubt anyone is interested anymore. In some ways I liked the 2004 version of UT better - the graphics weren't as good, but it was more fun to play, at least for me.



                    I'm only interested in the CTF version, so I installed it only and I don't see arrows telling me where the flag is like you usually see in CTF maps (not really a big deal) and the map locked up my whole XP 2-year old computer coming out of the water near the shark and tuft of grass (obviously a big deal). Any idea why this would happen as I installed the extra files also and put them where they belong? I even have extra copies of those two files and put them under .../Environment and .../Environments because I wasn't sure where exactly they should go as I already had an Environment subdirectory. The map took about 2 minutes to load the first time.


                      There are several red/blue dynamic markers on cave walls, banners in front of the mosques, etc.

                      The maps were developed under XP, and my own game machine runs XP Pro. I have not experienced any lockups or crashes. I would appreciate more info if it happens again. Since the shark swims throughout the ocean, I don't know where the location you describe actually is, but I doubt the crash has anything to do with any particular spot on the map.

                      If you didn't have Warhead's mod properly installed I suspect the map wouldn't even fully load and you would notice all kinds of major problems. Since that's not the case I think you probably have the mod properly installed.

                      Two minutes to load the first time is pretty fast. Most people experience between 4 and 5 minutes.

                      Sorry I'm not much help, but so far your report is the only crash I've heard about.


                        I was talking about the HUD arrows that circle around the flags at the top of the screen; that's why I said no big deal because your arrow within the map seem to be sufficient. I should have been more clear, sorry.

                        All I remember is trying to get out of the water with the shark behind me (he wasn't coming after me though) and a tuft of grass on the land at the spot I was trying to get out at and after I jumped out of the water and seemed to land, the computer completely locked up (ESC did not help nor CTRL+ALT+DEL). Since I'm not interested in KBR or BR, then I didn't install either mod so maybe this has something to do with it. I figured since I was only interested in the CTF map, then that wouldn't be a problem. I was able to run around and shoot oppenents for almost 10 minutes before it locked up. Has anyone else tried just the CTF map without the mods?


                          OK, that's most likely the problem. You don't need the KBR mod to play the CTF map, but you DO need the Warhead mod. All of the bot PathNodes in all three maps are BRPathNodes from Warhead's mod. I'm astonished the map loaded and you were able to play at all if you had not installed Warhead's mod. I suppose that's good news really, it means things are more robust than I imagined.

                          This behavior implies that the UT3 engine, unable to find (resolve) the proper Team and Squad AI objects or the BRPathNode object at load time, intelligently defaulted to the parent objects in the hierarchy.

                          Unfortunately, I'm not willing to support/debug the CTF map without the proper mod being installed, as that's the way it was designed to be played. The amount of work involved in switching all the BRPathNodes in the map to factory PathNodes is far greater than I'm willing to contribute, and besides it's an extremely error prone process.