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CTF-Simplicissimus (SPECIAL EDITION/PICS/DOWNLOAD) 100 % more fps!

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  • replied told me that the archive was corrupt, too, but it still worked for me oO
    well i'm gonna upload it again...

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  • replied
    The archive is corrupted, you should test it after compressing it. Also test it again after uploading and downloading it. You might also want to play the map yourself after downloading and installing the release.

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  • replied
    Might need to redo and reup the rar file. I have downloaded it twice and it tells me that the file is corupt when I try to extract.

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  • replied
    hm, i guess this thread went under in a flood of other new maps
    maybe I can give it a second chance xD

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  • CTF-Simplicissimus (SPECIAL EDITION/PICS/DOWNLOAD) 100 % more fps!

    CTF-Simplicissimus (SE)
    Version: RC1
    Compatibility: UT3 2.1 + Titan Pack recommended
    Description: My goal of this map was to create a simple-to-understand, yet very fun map, with nice visuals ... I think that I've pretty much achieved this
    The setting is an old draining facility of the necris. There is a base at either end, and some walkways, walls and other stuff in between
    Another feature is realtime cameras, that are in the bases and show you what's happening in the opposite base. A clever player will use these to make his decisions...knowledge is power

    I have made a separate Special Edition with major performance improvements (100% more fps than before, 50% more fps than in other stock maps) Download the SE here: DOWNLOAD

    Comments: Changes from beta:
    -added some cover in the bottom area of the bases
    -added more details
    -added realtime cameras in the bases overviewing the opponent base
    -slight changes of the lighting and post processing

    Download at Mediafire
    alternative download at

    Download Special Edition (50% more fps)
    alternative download at

    second alternative download at
    (You have to change the mappic-link in the .ini after download in the version from the last link: 'CTF-Simplicissimus_SE...' instead of 'CTF-Simplicissimus...'