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CTF-Simplicissimus (SPECIAL EDITION/PICS/DOWNLOAD) 100 % more fps!

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    **** I haven't thought about should be 'CTF_Simplicissimus_SE....' , I hope it works if you just change it in the .ini :$

    I have changed it and re-uploaded it: download

    If you want to mirror it again, FreakinMeany, sorry for all this unnecessary work :/

    Thanks, BloodK1nG, for showing me the bug, as I had both versions of the map, it didn't occur for me




        Thanks for the mirror


          I like the option of the overhead walkways and the jumppads, but the bots can't defend and I have to do all the work. This small CTF could be lots of fun online. The strange tex/mesh combinations are similar but not the same as Grinder-RE and still looks good. Lots of shock rifle in this one; is the flak cannon hiding? I played the regular and SE version and can't see many differences, but it just must be optimization. I'll keep the SE version.


            Yes, you're right the changes to the SE version were mainly improving the performance.
            Glad you like it
            There is no Flak Cannon, only bio-/shock rifles and a rocket launcher in the middle of the map (of course you can swap it to a Flak with the weapon replacement mutator if you wish )
            Well, I can't see a reason why the bots wouldn't be able to defend, but it's probably that they jump down from the Flag area and don't want to go up again
            And thanks for the bump anyway