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CTF-Maelstrom - REMAKE [DL] [Pics] [PC] [FINAL]

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    ok I'll make a visit to the map


      - good times .. good times ..

      Haven't fired up the editor or UT3 or even had time to respond to PM, Email or UOF and what not all week, finished an early work week - i'm back around for the weekend .. -Sorry dudes .. RL is serious challenge lately.. Back on topic though .. - Played this bad-boy last night with my chick, we owned the bots 2 vs 2 on the following settings.

      No trans.
      Hoxx Ultra instagib
      Inhuman skill

      Here is the code before i log in a remote admin ..

      @echo off
      UT3.exe Server DM-ShangriLa?game=UTGame.UTTeamGame?bIsLanMatch=true? numplay=4?botskill=7.0? -lanplay -unattended

      copy server.log servercrash.log
      goto 10

      Originally posted by bebounet57 View Post
      ok I'll make a visit to the map
      Sounds good bro, - look forward to it.

      Also played CTF-Niven & UOF-CTF-AndAction_2K10! - won all 3. I'll post screen shots (for shiats & giggles) if anyone wants to see them .. i'm fairly sure i had 400 frag on one of the maps, yeah matter of fact i did, that's a hard mark to forget.

      Keep up the excellent work everyone! - glad to see the crew of dedicated members here plugging along, (fr3sh blood & die-hards alike) - i'll fully intend to be keeping up my end of the bargain and finish all my WIP, and of course CTF-Maul, per recent PM request.

      Time to go work on some VCTF signs.


        hello I would like to know what program you use to remix music of your map maelstrom


          Anyone still play this map? - I was hoping to find some time to finish CTF-Maul - CTF-NextGen, & of course its little brother CTF-ActionBase. Also have a fully working CTF-Niven <Sneh's painstakingly resurrected / assets robbed and 1x'ed to make it better than ever> I'd love to run the editor again, I think my RL has settle down sometimes and I might be able to actually find time, I'll say honestly that level design is what I plan to do in early retirement, a long long way off, but i'm really glad to see some old faces around here still checking in from time to time.


            I will play this tonight.... with you and T-Nitro . still a fav. I have to play this everytime we game
            along with AndAction, and Thorns