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CTF-Austere (v1.1)

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    Thanks J112, happy fragging!


      awesome map
      congratz and thx for ur work


        It looks cool,downloading right now.Congratz


          Nice setting with the abandoned factory/building with rain coming in and water leaking everywhere. Liked the thunder and ambient sounds with sparks, motors and fans. Good use of meshes and excellent use of lighting; also thought the team arrows are fine the way they are. This map plays well, is tight in spots and the bots can defend. When I first opened it up, I thought I was playing DM and then the announcer told me what team I was on and my bots were just hanging around and I said,"Woho, I forgot this was CTF". It just has a typical DM feel to it at first, but plays well as a CTF.


            Thanks Bl!tz~, tranix and SkaarjMaster!

            I need to remove the mirror to save bandwidth, suddenly this month I've already used four fifths of the limit. Thanks for downloading though!


              Very like.

              Very nice abandoned factory setting as well as the atmosphere and details. This map played well with some several paths and some tight spots, also like the water leaked pipes and rain. The ambient sound effects are pure gold including water waves, motors, steams and fans. The red and blue arrows are the best way to get a path through the enemy base, taking an enemy flag and go back to your base and capture the enemy flag. The bots are very well (my team can also defend as well) and all good things come to the beginning.

              Three more mirrors for this map:
     (New Game-Maps.NET URL link)