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CTF-Austere (v1.1)

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    CTF-Austere (v1.1)

    Name: CTF-Austere
    Version: 1.1 (MSU version 1.0 with minor fixes and finalizations)
    Compatibility: PC UT3 and latest patches and packs, not certain about earlier versions. I might cook a PS3 version sometime later.

    Leaking pipes, worn bricks, rusting supports, waving flags and flying blood. What else could an abandoned factory section need? Be wary of hidden enemies.

    Austere was a project of mine to actually get a level done in Unreal Tournament 3. Originally made for myself, later on extended to please the other UT3 players too. In the course of about 9 months, I made 6 beta versions, of which each received feedback upon which every version was built on, but keeping my head on things I liked.

    I sent version 1.0 (Beta version 6 in other words) to try my skills in the Make Something Unreal Contest. Oddly enough and for my pure surprisement, Austere was picked for fifth place in Phase three category best DM/CTF level (many thanks for the judges!).

    Now with version 1.1 I've finalized and fixed some few glitches which were still in version Beta 6. Although I've made a credits list below,

    I'd like to own a sentence to stevelois from Epic Games Forums for taking the time to play the beta versions and give proper constructive feedback and for keeping my motivation high on completing this level. Thanks mate! And a big thanks for Epic Games for a great franchise to sink my time into.

    In the download I have included the music track I originally intended to include in this map (Rask - Austere.mp3). Afterwards I thought to leave it out and let the ambient sounds and shrieks of battle do its part, which worked very well in my opinion.

    Happy capping!



    (In no specific order)
    - Staward
    - WoLvErInE
    - Mrn
    - Bl!tz~
    - shombowhore
    - nepfish
    - apophis3d
    - firefly
    - Cirian
    - xX Dog Food Xx
    - minifloppy
    - Odedge
    - Mr. UglyPants (for almost sending feedback )
    - J112

    Thanks for the feedback and kind comments everyone, appreciated!

    Also thanks to Epic Games who lets us map for and mod this game.

    Homepage: No dedicated homepage for this level, but my website is

    (42,3 MB .zip file, contains level, ini-file, readme file, screenshots, and the extra music track I left out.)
    Game-Maps.NET (thanks zunnie!) (thanks Skillz!) mirror taken down to save bandwidth, please use the mirrors above. Thanks.

    Installation: Unzip the zip-file to your ../UTGame/Published/CookedPC folder.

    In case of problems reply to this thread or send me a private message. I've got limited time but I'll do my best to solve problems if any appear.

    Nice looking work Musilowski! Congratulations on the accomplishment.

    Maybe you should PM Flak and ask for a MSUC avatar?


      Ho yeah, that is great, it's finally available !!! Yippie !!!!!

      Just dwn the map & will play it asap. Dude, the screens are great & also THX for the credits, I appreciate

      This is going straight into my top picks ! I'll post the link in my homepage after hé hé hé

      Many THX for that awesome work my friend & to finally release "the final" to everyone. I'm very exited to try it out

      See ya soon dude !


        I am really enjoying this release. The map looks really good, and I don't mean that lightly. It's more representative of classic "Unreal" than anything that shipped with the game in my mind. Really excellent work.


          Great work you've done here, you should be proud.


            Hey m8, I give a run against 11 bots & as expected, a keeper for sure

            I notice lot's of overlapping mesh here & there. Also, lot's of paper are floating above the ground / water but since most players won't notice them, it's fine.

            Lighting is also very nice & your custom materials is awesome

            Great work & THX again m8



              Added to our site now
              Objections if i add to a mappack sometime?

              Greetz zunnie


                Great map, the only things I can complain about is the overlapping meshes that Steve already mentioned. Oh and the team arrows could have their colors less bright.


                  Thanks for the comments everyone, appreciated.

                  1XTreme: I'll see if I need one, thanks for reminding!

                  stevelois: ****, missed them, where are the overlapping meshes? Anything too eye-hurting? D:

                  zunnie: Thanks! If you keep the readme file intact you can add it to your pack.


                    Well, the overlapping mesh are mostly beams on the ceiling, few on the ground & also come papers on the ground when they're located near water / stairs in angle.

                    But only me & Thrallala mention them so unless others are complaining about it, it's fine with me. For a quick example, look on the ground level where you add the wood material, some papers there are like 4-8 uu's above the ground.

                    BTW, I really like the rotating stuff here & there (forgot to mention it) & also your changing preview pics ingame


                      Ah, okay. Thanks for pointing out!


                        Originally posted by musilowski View Post
                        zunnie: Thanks! If you keep the readme file intact you can add it to your pack.
                        Yep will do THanks for permission

                        I once in so many months (if there are 10 new maps released) create a new
                        Game-Maps sponsored mappack with 10 new maps in it

                        Readmes and credits are always included naturally

                        Greetz zunnie




                            Thanks for the mirror Skillz! Will add it right away.


                              Great to see this go final, Judging from the screenshots the atmosphere has changed quite a bit since I gave it a run through in Beta or alpha, way back either way . Shots 3 and 10 are just, wow.

                              My rig's out of service atm but this will be the first thing on my playlist thats for sure.