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VCTF-BadNeighbors v2 [Pics] [PC] [Download] [Final] [Updated]

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    VCTF-BadNeighbors v2 [Pics] [PC] [Download] [Final] [Updated]

    Name: VCTF-BadNeighbors v2

    Version: Final V2

    Compatibility: PC Unreal Tournament 3 Patch 2.1 with Titan Pack

    Description: CTF-BadNeighbors from UT99 modified for UT3 VCTF.


    Credits: Myself, Sataninksi (Original Author), xtremexp (UT3 Converter), Lord_PorkSword (Hubble Textures),, and Epic (for the Unreal-Games).

    Thanks: Darkmantis (Testing) and Plugh (Invaluable Help).


    good job
    nice too see this map for ut3 i have play that map so many time,s
    in ut99


      Dude you are a mapping genius! All the hard work and effort you put into your maps is most deffinatly appreciated. Keep up the good work bro!


        was there not a pic of a woman
        at the flag window
        you maps are great like too see more maps from you


          Originally posted by coolcat22 View Post
          was there not a pic of a woman
          at the flag window
          you maps are great like too see more maps from you

          HAHA ..thanks and yes the original version had some stained glass woman in the flag window. I was wondering if anyone would notice. I like the clear window better personally ..that's why I didn't add it.


            The lighting could use ALOT of work.


              Originally posted by »TheHitMan« View Post
              The lighting could use ALOT of work.
              I appreciate the suggestions and will try to make changes to appease everyone but please be more specific.

              Is it too dark? Too bright? Are certain areas bothering you more than others? Is it the light colors? The shadows?

              Cryptic messages like yours gives me nothing to go by.

              One thing I should mention is that the original map (UT99 version) was REALLY dark. I brightened it up substantially because I knew people would complain.

              Also for some reason when converting subtractive maps to UT3 the directional lights don't seem to work on the BSP so I've had to use a skylight to bring the map up in brightness. Any help in that matter would be nice since I have no idea why they won't work.
              In my early beta phase I had directional lights coming from a setting sun and it looked great ..then after cooking the map the lights wouldn't show up. So I got rid of the sun and went with a pre-dusk look.

              As I've mentioned in other threads I still consider myself somewhat of a noob mapper and am still trying to figure the editor out. I don't have any special training nor did I go to school for graphic design, game design or anything related.

              So please, if you have any suggestions on how to fix the lighting ..i'm all ears.


                Well okay I didn't realize the map was all subtractive. Perhaps for your next outdoor conversion, you could try to somehow make it an additive map.


                  It was subtractive when I first converted it over but I selected all the brushes and copied them into a new additive map early on in beta. I just don't understand why the brushes don't like to receive directional light.


                    I'm not sure why directional lights don't cast very well onto BSP, there's lots of CBP3 maps that have BSP floors. Maybe you could try decreasing the lightmap on the BSP surfaces, or checking "dynamic" in your directional light properties as well as making sure BSP is selected and "composite dynamic".


                      Thanks to Plugh for checking out the map in the editor and telling me about a few brushes I forgot to delete from converting the UT99 map. That was the problem with the directional lights, the brushes were casting a shadow.

                      Changes in v2:
                      Map now takes place at night with a starry sky and red clouds above (like the original).
                      Darkened map quite a bit (still not as dark as the original).
                      Increased the size of the bases by 25% and gave more distance between them as well.
                      Replaced the stock teleporters with cool looking green energy ones.
                      Added lots more trees and scenery around the map.
                      Added ambient insect sounds, water sounds and wind sounds.
                      As was suggested above I now have the naked woman in the windows of each base, as well as the team logos in the opposite window (just like the original).
                      Added a couple jumppads in each base to give better access to the top of the sniper towers.
                      Removed the scavengers from the map.



                        wild VCTF map!

                        The original map for UT I have installed is CTF-BadNeighborsV2 and it's a good map with red moving sky, bottom route, sniping spots, good weapon/item placement and is fun offline or online. This new UT3 version for VCTF has all the elements of the original, looks better, is darker, and has excellent new music. I noticed the sky was replaced with more detailed space sky, but I can't see the moving red clouds. I like the addition of jump pads, trees, modified teleporters, etc. The addition of vehicles really spices up the gameplay of an already classic and great CTF map and is an excellent modification to the original. Nice ambient sounds and I'm glad the b-i-t-c-h-es are back. I did notice a UT3 error in WinXP after leaving map and exiting UT3, but it could just be a glitch.


                          Hey thanks SkaarjMaster! I'm glad you enjoy this version, I loved playing the original and thought it would make a cool VCTF map.
                          The Music is my old punk band from 1999, I play the drums on those songs.. so thanks for the compliments!
                          As for the red clouds, they're there but maybe I made them a little too transparent (at the request of one of my beta testers).
                          I'm curious about the error, this map has been played numerous times over at the Hedsteem VCTF server and no one else has mentioned any errors. If it happens again maybe you could take a screenshot or tell me exactly what it says. I also use WinXp and haven't noticed any problems.
                          ..And t.i.t.t.i.e.s are always a great addition to any map!


                            actually the word I used was b.i.t.c.h.e.s. and I'm surprised that was blocked.....whatever (fixed). I'm sure the error was just a glitch because I closed the map really quick and exited UT3 really quick, but I'll let you know if it happens again.

                            I just realized that I reviewed the CTF-UT version of this map back when I was reviewing for Insite: