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DM-Shrapnel [Featuring Run UT music]

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  • DM-Shrapnel [Featuring Run UT music]

    Name: DM-Shrapnel

    Version: 1.0 Final

    Compatibility: UT3 with titan content

    Description: After many hours and testing and analyzing, I believe the map is now ready for a final. Thanks to all who helped me along the way!

    Changes from beta 2, to the final include:

    -Adjusted several static meshes

    -Added new static mesh decorations in various places, subtle changes too

    -Added pathway from stinger located on lower deck leading up to link gun pickup that wasn't there before (short hallway)

    -Changed bloom and color intensity slightly





    Credits: The maker of DM-CBP3-Thor for some meshes, Epic games for GoW meshes


    Download for PC:

    If you would like a PS3 cook, please PM me for one.

  • #2
    ur meshing is pure asskick.....same asskick for the electricity note on that map.....never seen so many lights
    good athmosphere & cool old music
    how s fps on low end system? mine was ok but i was abble to feel some disturbances in the fps flow

    5 stars here; thx for ur work^^


    • #3
      Great work!

      Another keeper .. map ran fine on the machine i looked at it on.


      • #4
        Nice work. I like this map it has good flow and all kinds of high places to use for throwing down flak or missle-grenades. I really like the sky light makes for good atmosphere.


        • #5
          Thanks everyone

          And I'd hate to pay the electric bill at the end of the month


          • #6
            You've made a really nice job of this TheHitMan.
            I do get a slight fps drop in places but its bearable.


            • #7
              My pleasure


              • #8
                goodwork hitman
                now make that halo map final XD


                • #9
                  There's not alot to do with Coagulation, can't really fix the tree mesh collision and it's not that big of a radius on it either. Since it's a speedtree, you can't set per-poly collision on it. So there


                  • #10
                    Played several matches on this map, and it was pretty fun. Visuals are great, and I felt no negative impact on performance. Nice job, Hitman. *thumbs up*

                    (So now, maybe NoParking will be released as final soon? haha)


                    • #11
                      Well the problem with NoParking is I lost the uncooked version and yeah so there goes that...


                      • #12
                        Aww. First Irondust, now NoParking. :<

                        You seem to have some pretty bad luck with this sort of thing! D:


                        • #13
                          I know it, but my computer is fast enough now to where auto-saves are not a problem!


                          • #14
                            Mirror + 1080p FlyBy



                            • #15
                              I haven't played the original version of this map but I like this one, great meshing/decorations. And unlike some of your other maps, the postprocessing in this one is actually well made. Although, one small thing, there's way too many light sources, could probably have removed atleast half of them tbh. Other than that, great work! keep it up