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    Name: CTF-MarketDistrict
    Map Version: Initial Release
    Compatibility: UT3 patch v2.1
    Players: 6-20 players
    Description: This is my VCTF-MarketDistrict (originally Epic's WAR-MarketDistrict) converted for CTF & Greed use.
    Minor changes were needed to create the proper game-flow for a non-vehicle version, as without the vehicles, scoring was too easy;

    1) Deleted all vehicles & Avrils/AvrilAmmo
    2) Added additional health and Ammo pickups for remaining weapons.
    3) Closed roofs directly over top of flags.
    4) Replaced open doorway in front of flags with windows.
    5) Re-enabled blocking volumes around power poles.

    There are still four ways to get to the Flag, just none as direct as the two I closed off; necessary to keep the map from playing too fast.

    20 Screenshot Album available for viewing at PhotoBucket

    Download for PC: CTF-MarketDistrict_PC
    Download for PS3: CTF-MarketDistrict_PS3

    Great one I'll download this later.




        Wonderful Map. Just needs a recook for ps3. I tested it on a dedicated server for ps3 and it kept freezing up. it would only play properly when I left and re-entered the server. Definately a keeper, great job.


          Thanks, folks!

          @M_C: You are the first to report a problem with the PS3 version...Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

          Any other PS3ers having problems/successes with hosting/joining PS3 servers with this map?


            Good conversion and I think it plays best as a regular CTF map! The whole city atmosphere and layout really suck you in and exploring a little can reveal some interesting things. The flag base locations seem a bit awkward and not sure the spawn points are in ideal locations, but I figured it out fairly quickly. The bots CTF and attack well in this one.