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    Name: DM-HealPod3 Final Version

    Author: G. N. "Snorkelbottom" Singleton

    Version: Final

    Compatability: PC Patch 2.0 or higher

    Description : This is a remake of the Unreal & Unreal Tournament DM maps DM-HealPod & DM-HealPod][. For this map I decided that I wanted it to look abandoned, and in a state of disrepair and decadence. Not the best idea for ones first map, but after much work I finally acheived what I had originally envisioned.

    Menu Description: After the first Liandri tournament became a commercial success for the Liandri Corporation the HealPod facility was closed down and abandoned, as construction work began on the more complex and asthetically attractive Strident facility.


    Downloads - -

    Aside from some geometeric changes, most of which should not be immediately noticable, I have made some minor changes to the map after comparing the two original incarnations of the map, HealPod and HealPod][.

    1. The Sheild Belt pick up has been returned to its original position as it was in HealPod (from the Unreal incarnation of the map), because this higly rewarding item was too easily obtained in the UT99 version of the map.

    2. Because the Sheild Belt has been moved I have reinstated the inclusion of the Armour Vest pick up in its place (there was an Armour Vest pick up nearby this position in the first incarnation of Healpod). The Thigh Pads pick up remains in the same location as it was in HealPod][.

    3. To complete the suit of armour the Helmet pick up has been placed on the bottom floor of the map, in front of the lift that only rises to the middle floor. Now there is an item of armour on each of the three main floors of the map.

    4. I have placed the Jump Boots opposite the Flak Cannon (the Jump Boots were in a nearby position in the first incarnation of HealPod). Having Jump Boots will allow players extra access to the higher floors of the map.

    5. The Ripper in the map is the RipperliteV2. Despite the fact that it is essentially an modded translocator, I am happy with the look of the weapon. However, there are a few problems with this modified weapon (see the Ripper section below). Of course the Ripper is in the same location as it was in HealPod][.

    6. The Invisibility power-up has been replaced with the Berserk power-up. The fast, brutal pace of the map does not require an Invisibility power-up, but does encourage the use of the Berserk power-up.

    7. The secret room is now hidden behind a jet of green toxic goo steam. I have done this because I felt that having part of a pipe drop into the floor didn't look right. Of course, this toxic steam will kill players instantly upon contact. Access to the secret room is no longer achieved via a switch on the opposite wall, to gain access to the secret room players have to......... I don't think so lol!?!

    8. There are now more ammunition pick ups within the map than in previous incarnations. This will make sense to players of HealPod and HealPod][ - as there where 4 rocket launcher, flak cannon and sniper rifle ammunition pick ups, but the rest of the weapons only had 2 ammunition pick ups each. These extra ammunition pick ups have been added to help balance the map.

    I have also made some more drastic changes, which were required to help the flow and balance of the map. Experienced and professional level designers should agree with the changes I have made.

    1. The most drastic change that I have made is that the healing platform is now situated on the middle floor. I have done this because in the original two incarnations of the map most of the action was focused around the healing platform which was situated on the bottom floor of the map. Therefore, the upper floors of the map were barely used. By moving the healing platform up one floor the whole map should now be used by players, helping the flow of the map.

    2. I have reduced the amount of health granted to players on the platform from 15 units a second down to 10 units a second. I have done this to reduce the risk/reward element of the piston/healing platform which in turn should reduce players overuse of the feature, and also to reflect the idea that the map has been neglected for many years, and thus the performance of the platform has wained.

    3. The colour of the energy emitted from the healing platform has been changed from its original green to more closely match the aqua green used as the healing energy within the Health Vial, Health Pack and Keg O' Health in UT3.

    4. The mechanism by which the piston is dropped onto the healing platform has been changed slightly to stop players becoming over-reliant upon the use of the "trap". In the original maps the piston was dropped by standing on any of the four buttons on the ground floor of the map. In this remake these buttons have been replaced with six illuminated floor panels, with two placed on each of the three main floors of the map. Furthermore only one of these illuminated floor panels can be used to release the piston. The allocated illuminated floor panel is selected at random, but not until the piston has been fully retracted.

    5. The ventilation tunnel at the very top of the map has been greatly shortened and now only contains one Sniper Rifle pick up. I have done this simply because there was no need for two sniper rifles in the map (as in HealPod][). The new area that houses the Sniper Rifle also has an opening in the floor that allows players to drop down onto the Flak Cannon, maintaining the flow of the map.

    This is a comprehensive list of the changes that I have implemented to the map for the final release to address a few issues found in my original, unfinished release. I also wanted to add to the polish and flow of the map, and improve upon the decadent atmosphere of the map, bringing the map up the standards of the stock maps made by Epic Games:

    1. Sound - I have reduced the volume of most of the ambient sounds music within the map by approximately 50% because in the inital release most of the sounds were initially too loud. Of course sounds have been added / removed where needed. I have also replaced the music track within the map with one of the tracks shipped with UT3 (see Music Track section below).

    2. Layout - I have added a new room on the higher level, containing a Spider Mine Trap Deployable pick up. I have done this to help players differentiate between the two lifts when on the top level of the map. I have also altered the materials on some walls and floors throughout the map, especially on the middle floor of the map to add more variety to the look of the map, which has been further added upon with the use of dirt decal actors.

    3. Decoration - As best as possible, taking into account the claustropobic nature of the map, I have reduced the amount of "Flat Walls" within the level, especially on the lower floor of the map. I have also added and altered some static mesh layouts throughout the map. I have done this to help bring the map closer to the standards seen within the UT3 stock maps. Some of the more noticable static mesh amendments are as follows:
    Added a few windows to show the newly added industrial landscape outside the map, with heavy rain and puddles.
    Altered meshes underneath the healpod platform.
    Added two slime pools on the lower level of the map, and a volatile splat of goo under the generator.
    Added biogoo slime meshes and details on the generator to hint that the healing energy is derived from the goo.
    Improved the ceiling in the Rocket Launcher steam room.

    4. Lighting - I have added a few flickering lights, to help show the decadence within the map. I have also removed the lights and lift panels on all lifts so as not to patronise players.

    5. Finalising - I have added camera shake when the piston hits the healpod platform. I have also toned down the bloom inside the HealPod itself. Finally, I have done a full blocking volume pass on the map to to eliminate players sticking to / inbetween any static meshes.

    Special Thanks go out to...

    The Guys at Epic Games (especially Cliff Bleszinski and Alan Willard) for making Unreal Tournament 3 and their work on the original maps - HealPod and HealPod][.

    Parser for the RipperLiteV2.

    The guys at Clickteam for their awesome install creator.

    Everyone on the Epic Games forums, especially Bl!tz~, bn_avit, Shade Mistress and sneh, as well as those that gave feedback on my original release of thes map. Thanks to all for their help and support.

    3DBuzz for their invaluable guidance and video tutorials.

    UDN (especially Dave Ewing and Richard Nalezynski) for their guidance and advice.

    Sjoerd "Hourences" De Jong for his guidance.

    The guys at for their guidance.

    The guys at for their guidance.

    James Perry for his playtesting and invaluable feedback.

    This is a nice bit of mapping snorkelbottom
    However, windows seems to want to shut the game down a few mins into play i wondered if it was anything to do with the installer ? I'm checking it out. A zip file version without an installer might be an idea.


      Thanks! Unreal forever


        Tipper - the archive is zip format, n the installer is fine. i ave played the map over n over... try altering ur video settings the map has alot of detail.


          Seems to be okay now. Have no idea what the problem was.
          It's a great map snorklebottom. Thanks. It will take me a while to not expect the heal pod to stay shut.......i think the UT2004 version did (?)
          The detail is excellent. I find some of the passages a bit tight and fighting around and in the pod gets pretty random at times. Definitely a keeper. Make another


            Looks pretty darn sweet from the screens. Thx for your work m8.


              Thanx guys, i already ave another map up - Tokaido Gardens Joust.





                  Well guys the map has been out there for a few weeks now, and I am curious as to what your opinions are of the map now that it has finally been completed.


                    I dont understand why this hasn't received more comment snorkelbottom because its a first class map.


                      Originally posted by TIPPER View Post
                      I dont understand why this hasn't received more comment snorkelbottom because its a first class map.
                      +1 to that

                      dont worry snorkel it s not only yer looks like the forums are deserted


                        Thank Tipper and Blitz, I guess only us hardcore fans are on here



                          Other possible "Classics" remakes

                          DMAriza -> already made (DM-Beriza)
                          DMCurse -> already made (DM-CurseV)


                            I am currently working on a whole series of maps, to see which ones check the forum page...



                              Looks good! Can't wait to get my new graphics card and extra ram, so I can experience this games full potential.