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    Name: VCTF-MarketDistrict

    Version: v1.0.1

    Compatibility: UT3 Patch v2.1

    Player Count: 6 - 20 Players

    Description: This is a direct 1:1 conversion of Epic’s WAR-MarketDistrict. This is a very small map; almost too small for vehicles. As such, I’ve already got a CTF version in the works, but the VCTF version had to come first (what with me being in a VCTF clan and all.) The smallish size of this map, combined with the raw power of the vehicles, creates a fun & frantic time! Think VehicleDM with flags!

    1) Repaired several misaligned StaticMeshes.
    2) Added MapPic for Instant Action Mode.
    3) Replaced Main Base Manta with Viper.

    V1.0.0 (Initial Release)
    1) Deleted all Warfare-relevant items.
    2) Replaced Power Cores with Team Flags
    3) Added 1 Goliath, 1 HellBender, 1 Scorpion, and 2 Mantas per team.
    4) Added Avril + two Ammo Packs to both main bases and both sub-bases.
    5) Added Bio Rifle + two Ammo Packs to both main bases.
    6) Replaced Sub-Base Gun Turrets with catwalks.
    7) Replaced JumpBoots under bridge with Shield Belt.
    8) Added Redeemer to top of bridge.

    Screenshots: 17-pic Screenshot Album available for viewing at PhotoBucket

    Credits: Epic for making WAR-MarketDistrict & my fellow clan brothers for beta testing.

    Download for PC: VCTF-MarketDistrict_v1.0.1_PC
    Download for PS3: VCTF-MarketDistrict_v101_PS3

    Unreal Playground:
    Download for PC: VCTF-MarketDistrict_v1.0.1_PC
    Download for PS3: VCTF-MarketDistrict_v101_PS3

    Great one I download this later.


      Thx. Gracias. good map, testing


        Awesome! I love new mappage... especially when it's good! Nice job on this


          Thanks, guys.

          @CVRoy: New mappage is always good, but MatrixMoves-friendly mappage is better!


            I recomend, delete mantas and add stalkbender or nightshade...

            I continues testing structure...


              Thanks, for your input, Extasis.
              However, a StealthBender/NightShade option is out of the question.
              This map is small & brutal as it is with the vehicles already in place. Foot soldiers have a hard enough time trying to stay alive in this map without having to worry about moderately-armored invisible vehicles planting indestructible Spider Mines all over the place.

              Dude, you must really hate pedestrians to be that vicious!


                very nice!
                i am also working on a remake of this map, but a CTF one.
                I removed the whole side area with the train station and all, and added a tunnel cutting a corner, allowing you to go from the base to the center
                however, im quite busy with school atm, so i havent worked on it for quite a while now...

                im looking forward to see how your vctf conversion turned out!


                  i just checked it out, and its great!
                  i really like the conversion
                  though the side areas with the train stations feel a bit useless
                  and the tank is way too powerfull for this map...
                  besides that, great conversion!


                    Glad you liked it, Coreper.

                    On the train stations; they serve a very important function, though it is not as evident as most would think;
                    I utilized it as an alternate SpawnPoint. Our clan was forced to blacklist too many nice-looking maps solely because the SpawnPoints are too tightly grouped, allowing for enemy Spawn-Camping. By having a separate sub-base for secondary spawning, you have a better chance of getting into the game, if the main spawning area is being camped by the enemy.

                    On the Goliath; yes, it is over-powering on this map. I first thought about removing it, but after pumping out two very large conversions, I felt it was time for a little close-quarter mayhem. Remember, though, that you've got both the Redeemer and a Viper to level the playing-field against the Goliath. I've used the Viper's suicide-function with surprising success against the tank. Just remember to take the Viper down one of the back-alleys that the tank can't go down. Head-on, the tank will smite you quickly.
                    Good luck on your CTF conversion. Mine is already done. It is currently running on our clan's testbed server, being debugged. Been serving out for a week now with no hitches nor glitches...Should be up for public download in the next day or two.


                      Tryed the map I agree it seem unbalanced with some of the vehicles but maybe a few could stay.

                      Found one thing you can walk thru the powerpoles all of them.


                        Originally posted by Zerglings View Post
                        Found one thing you can walk thru the powerpoles all of them.
                        This,...sadly,...was a necessity. I originally had collisions on all of the power poles set to "Block All". As soon as a bot hits a pole, it bails from the vehicle. The end result was a map with nearly every vehicle unlocked and abandoned. Setting the collision on the poles to "Block Weapons" only kept the bots in the vehicles, and allowed for better game-flow.


                          cool :P
                          so youre also making a CTF conversion :P
                          make sure you let me know when its finished
                          also, will it be a 1 on 1 conversion, or with big mods?


                            It will be identical to the VCTF version, layout-wise.
                            I may make minor changes to the main bases, as it seems a little too easy to score.
                            Other than ease of scoring, the map is playing nicely, as-is. Maybe, if I close off the front of the base a bit, I'll get the game-flow I'm looking for.