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AdvancedArmorWarfare V2.5(Bmp-3)

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    AdvancedArmorWarfare V2.5(Bmp-3)

    Version 2.5
    Name:AdvancedArmorWarfare V2.5
    Compatibility:UT3 2.1
    Description:Vehicles T90 Tank and m1a2 Abrams Bmp-3
    Comments:tanks with new features and ammo
    Credits:thanks to people in #unrealscript for help
    Epic: Forum

    Fixed bmp3.ini file

    New vehicle Bmp-3
    driver 100mm explosive shell slighly less damage then a tank and half the explosion radius
    30mm deadly against infantry used in combination with 100mm alternating for maximum vehicle effect
    passenger 1 Engineer can do minor repair the vehicle while moving
    passenger 2 medic Can do minor heals to all vehicle passenger including himself

    Uploaded with

    TO make use of the vehicle you need a vehicle replacement mod
    and you can find here
    and the download link <---
    if you have your own vehicle replacement mod then skip this

    in order to make the vehicles appear you need to configure the mutator to
    select a vehicle to replace
    Changes from previous version
    v2.5 changes

    .- deleted some textures not in use

    .- modified the Burn out materials on all vehicles( they should fade out now when they despawn)

    .- added new vehicle bmp3 ( should replace hell bender maybe? )

    v2.0 changes
    .- once you use the laser range finder, the crosshair is based and updated by the actual barrel of the vehicle
    No longer based on the camera, this makes for a more accurate sight

    .- the sight now scaled with screen resolution, before at higher resolutions the tank sight became too small
    Now the sight will stay same size no matter what resolution you use

    .- added 1 more tank m1abrams tank, now you can have t90 and a m1a2 on different teams

    .- added different sounds for Abrams an for t90

    .- commanders weapon now overheats, this is to prevent spam of the weapon and to reduce stress on server

    .- commanders gun now has a different crosshair then the original ut3 crosshair

    .- fixed weapon prediction, falling part based on distance to screen coordinates, didn’t realize before it was only
    Scaled to work on 1024x768 resolutions, the crosshair is MANUALLY tested and adjusted on different resolutions
    From 640x480 up to 1600x1200 if using anything higher then 1600x1200 the gravity adjustment will be cero
    Sorry my monitor don’t support anything higher for me to test, will add more resolutions later,
    This means that when using resolutions higher then 1600x1200 the laser range finder won’t give you a hit prediction

    .- upcoming changes , improved vehicle sounds, code optimization, and most likely APC's thinking of doing
    Bradley and bmp-2 or bmp3

    T-90 not bad mate I download and try it out.



      there are 3 types of ammo the tank has
      First one is armor penetration round if well placed it can 1 shot a enemy tank
      and also it hurts the tank driver so its possible to kill the driver with out killing the tank

      second one is explosive shell it does not penetrate armor but it is great for killing low armored or walking players

      and 3rd is the on board driver machine gun

      the tank has a second passenger seat for the commander he controls the top turret and it has zoom and is way more powerful then the
      drivers machinegun

      Forgot to mention the purpose of the Laser that's bound to the right mouse button
      it gives the correction of cross hair to the selected target, how ever if the target is moving
      the player has to move the cross hair as to LEAD the target, the laser is meant to help not do the job for you

      how ever using the laser might give away your position
      so for expert players they might want to learn not to use the laser

      this gives me an idea to add the use of entering manual ranges, but i might do that later

      Videos t90 documentary Tribute video t80 vs t90 tank race t90 on the Russian streeths Course training
      Screen shots


        Hey mate what about a T-72?




            Nice... now, with Randomize per factory,every Tank factory will be: a Goliath, Bio Tank, Ion Tank, Minotaur, Dispatcher or a T90! Thanks to you!
            And, why you don't tell us to put advancedarmorwarfare.upk in C:\Users\(your name)\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomVehicles?



              Added to database, nice work man.


                And if you assign the "ChangeAmmo" to the SPACE bar?


                  You have modelled and textured this vehicle? o_o

                  btw download doesn't work. Filefront seems to be down? Mirrors please.


                    this is from when i started the beta project



                      I'm not a professional tester.. but the tank is awesome and extremely detailed. Thanks for making it.


                        i hope i have some time soon to add abrams to this file and have 2 tanks to pick from


                          Originally posted by SithLegend View Post
                          i hope i have some time soon to add abrams to this file and have 2 tanks to pick from
                          I have 7
                          One thing I don't understand at all... If I wanna set the spacebar as the changeammo hotkey, I must type "set bind space ChangeAmmo" as a command ingame while I am the driver, right? Or it is "spacebar"? Any way to edit some file so I don't need to type it in every match?


                            more work

                            So i decided to follow up with a M1a2 Abrams Tank
                            this is what i have so far, its the low poly model + it already has the
                            Normal mapping, still needs the turret , texture and some normal map tweaking
                            so this will look better i promise


                              moa wok

                              I just did the turret with normal map included
                              now its time to make the tracks except i cant figure out the exact
                              shape of each track link just need to find a good reference pic

                              then i can start on the texture