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MapMixer 3.01 [FINAL] [Pics]

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    MapMixer 3.01 [FINAL] [Pics]

    Name MapMixer 3.01
    Version Final Release
    Compatibility UT3 Patch 2.1 [PC ONLY]
    Documentation (unavailable for the moment)

    MapMixer is a modification for the game Unreal Tournament 3.

    It's designed to give you more control over the way you launch and manage your game session in UT3. At its core it works as a Mutator that hooks into the game, providing its unique management operations, however, it does much more. It replaces the UT3 Main Menu and provides direct links to the MapMixer Menus as well as the standard Settings Menus. MapMixer has been specifically designed from the ground up for both standalone and server environments.

    The core philosophy of MapMixer is that each match you play in a game session should not be confined by one set of parameters. In other words, each match in a game session should be allowed its own individual settings, such as Game Type, Map, Rules, Mutators, Player Counts and Bots.

    MapMixer provides two methods to launch a game session. The Quick Session allows you to get into the action quickly, whereas the Advanced Session gives you much greater depth in terms of customisation and randomisation. For example, in the Advanced Session, you may like to make each match a little unpredictable by randomising the setup of each match. Perhaps you’d like the Goal Score for Deathmatch to be a random value between 30 and 50, or you’d like a 5% chance that the Big Head Mutator is enabled.

    In an Advanced Session, maps can have their own individual default options, either globally or for a specific Gametype. For example, you may like a particular Map to always appear with a certain Mutator or perhaps you’d like to alter the recommended Player Counts for a specific Map across different Gametypes.

    MapMixer allows you to customise common settings and easily switch between configurations. With the Advanced Session Menu, you can create Lists of Settings for Rules and Mutators etc. Use the Map List Editor to create a single list of maps combined from various gametypes, individually customising them, or alternatively let MapMixer create your Session Map List by telling it what Map Sources to use and how to select from them.

    MapMixer also contains its own independent Faction Management system where you can easily create and manage your own Factions, all in a graphical user interface, with the ability directly customise the look and attributes of each character, or create your own.

    Each player in a MapMixer hosted session has access to an in-game Client Menu, that lets them individualise parts of their in-game experience, per user login.

    Great care has been taken to support any possible gametype in a generic manner, where no dependancies are created on additonal downloadable content. To support a gametype, all you need do is modify a configuration file, and MapMixer comes pre-configured for use with a number of community gametypes.

    MapMixer keeps all its settings completely separate from the game and will not overwrite or harm any original setting.



    It brings me great pleasure to announce that MapMixer 3.00 has been elevated to final release status.

    (Yes, it's true - this is not a joke! Perhaps only for the reason I couldn't think of anything humorous to write about the number 6. ;-) Although it was suggested to me that I get the final release out before the world ends in 2012. :P )

    There was a time, at the very beginning of this project, where I was faced with significant technical challenges and I seriously thought MapMixer for UT3 would not be possible, for very good reasons. The fact that I was able to accomplish all that I originally wanted and more is a testament to not giving up on something you believe in - even when things look bleak. Its been a great deal of work but its also been great fun and I'm very happy with the results.

    Unreal Tournament has just turned 10 years old and its been more than a privilege to be in a position, like so many other people in the UT Community, to return back something to the game that has given so much to us all. Long live UT!

    I'd like to thank everyone who has been involved in testing - both of MapMixer and their patience levels, waiting for this day to come. I've received a lot of encouraging feedback from people, and I'd like you all to know that its helped spur me on.

    Will there be a MapMixer 3.10? Well, I have a wishlist but whether this eventuates, only time will tell.

    You can find MapMixer 3.00 at the MapMixer site in the UT3 downloads section, along with a link to some MapMixer UT3 Loading Screen replacements, kindly made by McTecman (Check them out!).

    Have fun, and thanks again to everyone for their support!

    This is excellent.


      Great work! 5 stars on this one.


        thx for that tool mate...UT3 is not the same for me since i use ur baby(i mean it dont gives that "beta" feeling anymore)
        "pro" work;5 stars all long


          Just cant praise this highly enough. Because it doesn't have the awe factor of say a stunning map and it's easy to forget its there when playing, the scale of the improvement on the default GUI is easily forgotton. As a reminder, just go back to what you got as standard from epic and and then tell me this isn't THE major contribution to UT3 this year.
          The amount of work that has gone into this is astounding. It works, it's a pleasure to use, it has pretty much every feature one could possibly want and makes the default offering look like a bunch of modders knocked it up as a spare.
          Thank you very much sinx. Simply brilliant


            5 stars all around. I can't imagine going back to the dark ages without mapmixer. Truly excellent, great job.


              W007! Final. Awsome work, Sinx, I honestly can't imagine UT without it.

              Added a link to this thread in my sig.

              The new loading screens look great, too!





                  Nice work mate 10 out of 10 excellent work.


                    Absolutely fantastic stuff! I would never dream of playing UT3 without this. Your efforts are greatly appreciated - by me, and im sure hundreds of others.


                      Hmm, seems the bots won't load as any player model other than default after the first map in the rotation. It used to load them in as the map is starting, now nothing.


                        Congrats on hitting Final, man.


                          Originally posted by McTecman View Post
                          Congrats on hitting Final, man.
                          ...and thx for the nice pictures change McTecman m8.....another fresh wave on my UT3


                            Thanks for the final release
                            This is a great modification


                              Originally posted by Secundus View Post
                              Hmm, seems the bots won't load as any player model other than default after the first map in the rotation. It used to load them in as the map is starting, now nothing.
                              Check the Client Menu and make sure "Instant Character Loading" is ticked.