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T}{E BROOKDALE N][TW][TTS Full Mappack [PC] [Final] [Pics]

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    T}{E BROOKDALE N][TW][TTS Full Mappack [PC] [Final] [Pics]

    Name: The Nitwitts Full Pack Installer
    Version: 1.4 Final
    Compatibility: Tested and working on UT3 2.1 on XP, Vista, 7 (all x86 & x64)
    R.I.P Notice:
    I have been out of touch with my Nitwitts Friends since roughly 4 years (last real contact 4 years ago, 2011, now we write the year 2015). Occasionally, I would drop by and play a round or two and even meet some of the chaps, but the heat had noticeably cooled down and I was mostly playing bots and talking to myself, except when some raging, screaming and cursing Russian kid came rushing through.
    Now it appears as if The Brookdale Nitwitts server has finally gone offline (after it had some downtime in between but then came back), yet our website on Clantoolz has been replaced and can be found HERE.

    I guess it is about time to write this obituary and carry this mappack to its grave since I feel I won't get back into the whole thing. I will leave the files online until my accounts expire or a meteor hits the earth. Since those maps are very very beautiful maps from the boss himself, -=Ouch=- , it would be a shame to remove them. Maybe there are still some people using them at home, playing bots? Anyhow. I am quite sad. The Nitwitts had become a real home for a bit. Now, I am married and have Android stuff as my hobby and everyone else has moved on too, so, not much to be done here anymore.
    Bye bye!


    This installer package is the first mappack done for the Brookdale Nitwitts. The Nitwitts are a friendly, no-cheat community. We like to have a good "Fragfest" and laugh a lot while playing. We do not apreciate bad language and anti-social behavior.
    If you like to join us for a good play you are very welcome to do so. Go and get this installer first. It contains most maps we have done so far. It is around 700 Megabyte big and will still grow once our mappers come up with new content. So far this pack includes 30 DM Maps. Most of them are open-type arena, some are vehicle-maps, some more the type "closed confinement" with little space to mess a lot. Then there is some open space maps which we like to play late at night usually.
    If you decide to download this pack you are very welcome to use and distribute it if you wish to. Please leave credits to the authors whenever you make these maps publicly available.
    The changing and altering of the maps is not allowed without permission of the authors.


    Updated Full Pack to version 1.4 (to reflect the current map rotation on our server)
    - Added 6 new Maps, DM-BN-Antalus-Winter, DM-BN-GoltarNecra, DM-BN-Phobos-V-2, DM-BN-Rig-A-Mortice, DM-Tokara and DM-TokaraFalls2.
    Updated Volume Pack 4 to Version 1.4 and began a new Volume 5 version 1.0 with one map in it so far (Phobos V2)

    Updated Full Pack to version 1.3 (to reflect the current map rotation on our server)
    - Removed X-MAS HOG (replacement added on last update already), Calandor (severe issues), Morbias Insanity (not played anymore) and PHOBOS-3-][ (also had severe issues that could not be resolved) R.I.P.
    - Added 3 new Maps, Metallergy, Iron Dust and Corrugation
    Updated Volume Packs 2+3 to Version 1.2 and Volume Pack 4 to Version 1.3
    - Removed the same maps as in the full pack, added the new ones and re-organized the contents. This means Pack 1 remains the same, Packs 2-4 are new.

    Updated Full Pack to version 1.2
    - Added the most recent new maps (Luna Outpost, Tyridium Probe, Ruined City, X-MAS HOG FE) to the full pack.
    - updated license-text to better reflect the map authors ideas.
    Updated Volume Packs 1-3 to version 1.1
    - updated license-text to better reflect the map authors ideas.
    Started a 4th Volume with the 4 new maps for those that only need the more recent maps.
    - Volume 4 starts with version 1.2 since it contains new license and new maps.

    Comments: go get yourself a real treat!


    The Installer, page one:

    A-T-O-M-I-C, a map which usually creates an insane mess on very limited space, very fast paced play:

    An Example of what is played most often on our server, the open Arena type Map (Here: DM-Battle-Arena-][:

    The Jump'n'Run part of our DM-BN-COZMO-NECRA:

    And the late-night, open space map-type, here: DM-BN-Super-Noxx:

    Some of us like a little hide - and - seek in DM-BN-Skaarj-City every now and again:

    And finally there is that map that we really play most often, DM-Hall-Of-Giants:
    its not as much eye-candy as all the others but it offers incredibly diverse gameplay.

    If you want to check out T}{E N][TW][TTS and see some more of our maps you may want to register with our forum and then go here:
    Map-thread on the BN-Forum

    Maps done by: [BN] -=OUCH=- and [BN] -=AV][T=-
    Installer done by: [BN] -=AC][D=- with lots of help from rulaman from ateg.

    Homepage: (new site, found november 4th using Google search ;-) )

    Download MAPPACK INSTALLER Packs (All) from

    The bigger Packs had to be split into 200 MegaByte Parts, because Mediafire doesn't allow for bigger files unless i pay.
    So what you do is download the rar-part files and double click the first one, then unpack it to somehwere u like. The succeding parts will automatically be unpacked and the resulting File automatically merged. This just if you don't know WinRAR yet.
    If you don't have WinRAR ask google for it. It's everywhere.

    Here are direct Links to the Folders of the different packages:

    Download FULL PACK Ver.1.4 ~860 Megabyte from MediaFire

    Download Volume 1 Ver.1.1 ~166 Megabyte from MediaFire

    Download Volume 2 Ver.1.2 ~233 Megabyte from MediaFire

    Download Volume 3 Ver.1.2 ~235 Megabyte from MediaFire

    Download Volume 4 Ver.1.4 ~183 Megabyte from MediaFire

    Download Volume 5 Ver.1.0 ~30 Megabyte from MediaFire

    This is a Mirror to the packages on MyDrive:

    Download MAPPACK INSTALLER Packs (All) from MyDrive
    LOGIN: Nitwitts@Acidonfire PASS: maps4all

    This is a Mirror to the packages on UT-Files:
    Download MAPPACK INSTALLER Packs (All) from UT Files

    thanks for the post acid mate but you need to post some map pics too


      Will do for sure, tonight. Thanks for pointing that out mate.


        It's a hard sell to get someone to download 600mb without even one pic of one map. Even a couple screens of details would be nice, that way I don't dl it to find a pack full of zero g warfare maps or 27 maps based on destructable legos...
        Honestly, without more details and pics, those 27 maps may go unnoticed and all the hard work unappreciated


          Very true. Thank you too for hinting at this. I haven't got too much experience with the habits of forum-users...

          I added some screenshots now, plus linkage to the original forum, where more can be seen. also, single maps can be downloaded there for testing.
          I hope this will suffice

          Also, the Pack is split into 3 volumes for those who want a first impression and not download the full thing. The sorting in the packs is according to age. Thus, volume 1 contains the first and oldest maps, volume 3 the most current.

          I don't have Pics of details tho, and currently my time is also very limited so i might add some detail shots at some later date if it turns out to really be needed.


            Nice work on the pack acid mate Some nice screenys too ,I only hope the good folks here enjoy the maps as much as we do !!


              Your maps would need a little more contrast. Why don't you use static meshes that have another color than all the rest of your map? And if your last map offers such a great gameplay, you should definitely improve the look of it.


                Originally posted by Sp4der View Post
                And if your last map offers such a great gameplay, you should definitely improve the look of it.
                Are you talking about the screenshots, or have you tried any of the BN maps yourself?
                I know all BN maps, and I like both, gameplay and the map design...
                Most of them have been designed for wide open gameplay, best with many players in it.


                  there's only one map that is really hard to play because of low contrast and little color. That is the X-Mas Version of the Hall-Of-Giants Map, which is covered in snow and has falling snow too. It is really hard to play there. But that is a special map done for Christmas a while ago and has not the same approach as all the other maps.
                  In general, playability of all the other maps is quite good, contrast is not too low on any of them and the colouring is exactly right.
                  Your comment sounds an eeenie weeenie tiny bit like you haven't actually played the maps but got your opinion from the screenshots - which are, admittedly, not the best ones.
                  I suggest you try them out if you find some spare time. They are worth it. -=OUCH=- and -=AV][T=- have done a fantastic job in my opinion. I personally absolutely love some of those maps. Some are rather not my taste. But thats a common thing isn't it.


                    huge maps ;huge work; and huge thx for your work avit and ouch; some of thoses maps are really nice...and of course thx acidonfire & rulaman to give to the community the opportunity to play all that

                    Originally posted by Acidonfire View Post
                    you may not host these maps on a server which is publicly accessible via the internet without the explicit agreement of the map-authors.
                    WOW....this will not help a lot imo....first time that i see such a restrictive rule; habitually it please everyone to install new maps on servers....authors & gamers....cant get the point here....but your choice...


                      Concerning the restrictive rule Bl!tz,
                      I was very unsure how restrictive the license stuff should be and actually this text is still the first draw, which i designed. I gave it to OUCH before going public here on EpicForums to have a look through it but he never even mentioned the agreement. So i guess he thinks the same way.
                      It explicitly does NOT prohibit public hosting, it just says: ask the author, he might want to have a word too.
                      on the other hand, i am aware that very often these kinda things are licensed for everyones use in any way as long as clearly visible credits to the authors go with it.
                      i would have preferred this option since it encourages the spreading of these maps and therefore it would have been publicity for free, which can be considered a good thing.
                      But maybe that is exactly not what is good for the nitwitts. At the end of the day, we enjoy being a small community where most people know each other for a little time already. Maybe its exactly not what we want for the nitwitts.
                      but who knows?
                      thank you for throwing this into the discussion. maybe there is more people having an opinion on that matter?
                      maybe it has to be changed? i am open for it, i just toy around with that installer thing. The contents are entirely up to Ouch and Avit.

                      One thing to add tho:
                      The Pack does not contain our favorite mods for a very similar reason: people want those being downloaded from the original source, they don't want them spread by other people.


                        thx for taking time to explain mate


                          Greetings Acidonfire! - first of all thank you.

                          Let me ad my .02

                          I'm actually in agreement with Bl!tz~, i understand your working off the honor system here and while that is admirable we have to remember this is the internet, so while your sharing these fine works your confusing others because of the restrictive inclusion, many may simply pass this by because of this, if you truly want to bring additional entertainment to the community (and i think you do) then you'll probably want to omit this part as mentioned.

                          you may not host these maps on a server which is publicly accessible via the internet without the explicit agreement of the map-authors.
                          If you have to have something -

                          I would change it to something like;
                          "if you use any of these maps in any other packages or works please include credit to the original authors"
                          My suggestion though is to remove it all together because virtually no one does this, you'd be one of very few, its sort of an unspoken code of the mapping / modding community not to force these types of limitations on members of the community otherwise we simply wouldn't release them for public use / entertainment.

                          Any way, give it some thought.


                            Thank you so much for your constructive input.

                            As i said: i am rather unexperienced with all this mapping, modding and licensing stuff and i was just guessing the best way to do it.

                            i am currently talking to the authors of the maps and i am awaiting their statement rather soon.

                            Ouch, who did most of the maps, did a new one just yesterday which has to be added to the pack. when doing this i will have an answer from the author of the maps too and i will then re-write the license to their liking.
                            I am taking into account all arguments that came up here. I think you are right to some extend.



                              Hi all
                              Thanks for all the imput into the mappack acid ,Re licencing , Its now been revoked all we ask is to give credit where its due to anyone who chooses to use our maps on there servers or otherwise ,It would be a shame to go to all the trouble of making the maps for nobody to enjoy them because of the licencing as we want people to play and like what we do for UT .
                              These maps are our work from over the last year or so and It would be a shame for them to go to waiste so please feel free to use the maps how you see fit

                              ENJOY !!