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WAR-Venice [Pics] [PC] [Final]

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    WAR-Venice [Pics] [PC] [Final]


    Final 1.0

    UT3 2.1

    Large seized Warfare map, based on a slightly modified replica of the St. Mark's Square and the surrounding area in Venice, Italy.

    Custom Content:
    Custom Textures = Yes
    Custom Models = Yes

    Epic and me !

    Download: recommended only for 8GB memory and more !
    Mediafire Fileplanet

    Videos (youtubeHD): Walkthrough Gameplay Red Team Gameplay Blue Team


    Look's great! Very high quality map. I can really tell you put a lot of hard work into it.
    PS3 cook in the future?


      Wow, that look very nice !

      Are you insane, mentioning 8 GB of RAM to run that thing lol 95% of people are running a 32 buts OS that is limited to 4 GB of RAM max. I'm curious, what's your PC specs ?

      I'll try that map on my rig for sure.

      It will be added in my vehicle thread after this post.

      THX for this very unique work of art mate


        omg scud that look good


          Originally posted by stevelois View Post
          Are you insane, mentioning 8 GB of RAM to run that thing lol 95% of people are running a 32 buts OS that is limited to 4 GB of RAM max.
          And on such systems UT3 can only access 2 GB (or 3 if you screw about with system settings). Even on 64 bit though, the ut3 executable is still 32 bit, meaning it can't use more than 4 GB.

          Map looks good. First one I've bothere DLing in a while. Not that no one has made good maps, I just prefer original content


            Your map looks very nice but .......

            My system:
            OS: Vista 64
            CPU: Intel Core i7 940
            RAM: 12 GB DDR-3
            GPU: Gainward Rampage700 2048MB GS GLH
            HDD: 2x VelociRaptor (Raid 0)

            ...... and is unplayable!

            i have no idea how to run this map on your system fluent.


              Nice work mate but what a wasted sorry to say 90% of people could not run this.

              I'll try to runs this but my computer most likely wont run it.

              My system is old:

              CPU Intel dualcore 2.13-2.66Ghz
              Ram 3.0GB
              Nvidia GTS 250 1GB

              Looking at spending $2000 or more AUS for new one to build myself.


                map look great i cant play it the map make my ut3 crash


                  In the Brazil, the eletronics spend so much cash, i hope i can run this with this specs:
                  4GB Memory
                  NVidia GeForce 9400 GT
                  HP Intel core 2 Duo Motherboard.
                  Money Spended on PC(In Brazil it was R$ 2.000, i think)


                    The download link doesn't work.

                    Also is it just me or does the lighting look very flat. Like you used only a skylight.


                      Originally posted by SecondSoul View Post
                      PS3 cook in the future?
                      haha, if you think it'll even run on a PS3. 8GB of RAM for a PC user, you think a PS3 can keep up?

                      I downloaded it and gave it a play. Visually it's nice, however it's empty due to the large open spaces. There is a ton of blocking volumes that just feel unnatural making dodges across the rivers impossible and shooting people into the sea also impossible.

                      For the amount of work that has obviously gone into it, there's some small things that let it down, misaligned textures here and there, places that could have done with some trims in corridors.
                      The lighting was very flat with no shadowing at all? Which really killed what could have been a nice atmosphere.

                      Gameplay wise it wasn't the best either. There are some nice touches like the river boats or whatever they're called But a lot of the map consists of corridors or extremely open sections, with nothing to hide behind, or hide in safely.

                      I don't want to distract from it, you have obviously put a ton of work into this and im not forgetting that. However as it stands it's more of a piece of art then a map to play.

                      If you do continue mapping, i suggest you go much easier on performance, it ran pretty bad on my system never going above 60FPS and never below 10. On pretty low settings on a GTX275/Q6600 and 4GB. People struggle to play UT3 stock maps as is, so chances are no one is going to play this well enough to enjoy it.
                      Lights are all well and good if they create contrast and shadows, yours all just blended into one another.
                      And file size a 200MB map will never get placed on a public server and very few people would wish to download so much just for one map. That's almost the size of some map packs.

                      As i said you've done a ton of great work, although because of the issues it probably won't get played much. Good luck in the future though


                        Need another link mate. No free download slots availible.



                          Thank you for all your feedback !

                          now some answers !

                          sry but uploading it on filefront was not possible – so I tried rapidshare – if there a are no free download slots wait 2 minutes and the problem should be fixed !

                          my system:

                          Operating System: Windows Vista Ultimate (64-bit)
                          Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q9650 @ 3.00GHz
                          Memory: 8190MB RAM
                          Video Card : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280

                          performance of the map with 16 bots on my pc with highest video settings and a (1920x1200) resolution:

                          between 40 FPS (e.g. in the park, and the small corridors) and 12 FPS ( view from the end of the big square to the church ),- average FPS is by 16 FPS – its very low but still playable !


                            16 fps to me as umplayable lol 30 fps is lowest I take and everything on fullest and even forcing a few things in Nvidia controls avrage fps.......59.96.


                              fileplanet link added !