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UT3 Custom Character: Streetfighter's Guile

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    UT3 Custom Character: Streetfighter's Guile

    Name: Guile
    Version: 1.0
    Compatibility: P.C
    Description: UT3 Custom character of Guile from the popular
    Streetfighter Series
    Comments: This is my first custom character, so pls go easy on me.

    Credits: Keltar 3007
    Homepage: N/A

    look good for you firs model


      yeah that is pretty good , but some things to improve upon would be to make him look a little less cartoonish, like his face, but other than that keep going!


        Good...pretty good....

        Yet not one suggestion on how to improve.

        Almost as worthless as the expected 'IT SUCKS' post which to be quite frank would be a more accurate call on a first model especially one like this.

        It's the problem with trying to port recognized characters into these mediums, there's a very high bar you have to meet. While key elements of the character (logo, hair, cargo pants) do exist they're so poorly washed out by the texturing, screenshot and the lack of poly detail in the face and body its lost.

        Not to subtract from the accomplishment but at this stage of your skill I'd suggest trying to model megaman figures and work your way up from there. Once comfortible with the editor you can then work on more 'human' proportioned models where this one sadly fails.

        First off the head is too narrow, while Guile does have a very 'tall' head in earlier games this is later editted out to make him look a little more human. Secondly, the ears look like huge gaping rifts on the side of the head. Third is the forward some point the deformation of the ET fingers must have struck a cord to having been utterly wrong should it not? The shirt looks like it's hovering on his chest (fabric is always insanely hard to model realisticly hence why many tend to use uniforms, bodysuits, and bulky clothing...the loose/torn articles never carry the right look when modelled and are best avoided...put Guile in some futuristic get the character AND relevance to Ut3...). In the end I highly advise getting your hands on the UT2k4 special edition video tutorials or finding the multiple UT3 versions and studying them in depth.

        Moving on is the shading or detail other than decals. BAck in Quake/Quake 2 you could get away with it but in this age no, flatshaded texturing on a finished model is in no way shape or form acceptible. Worse comes to worse and like me you suck **** at textures be ready to share the fame and ask a skilled texturer for help. Can go a long way into making an acceptible release.

        Lastly is the visual representing of your character. Your machine obviously sucks ****. Sorry to be blunt but that screenshot makes your model look 10x worse than it likely is. Fullbright environment, jaggies on everything and zero finite detail look. In the end it looks horrible.

        In sumamry, I do congratulate you OP for finishing your first model but like many before you you've made the first error of FPS modding. Never release your first work, more often than not it does indeed look like **** on a stick. Keep at it, but I suggest bouncing your work off the beta forums here or on the Polycount forums and asking for advice on how to get better human proportion into your modelling efforts...or go for something simpler in future.

        Megaman maybe.




            Thx for the critiques, guys. Like I said I'm still a noob at this and have a lot to learn...

            Oh common, it aint that bad.


              yeah MamiyaOtaru the char is not that bad
              he still have too learn help him


                YA...This is gonna be my next char...Starcrafts Sarah Kerrigan....
                *edit* better picture

                Sorry, Shalimar. he only way I can get good at this is practice.


                  Almost as worthless as the expected 'IT SUCKS' post which to be quite frank would be a more accurate call on a first model especially one like this.
                  I completely second that, and the rest.

                  And it really sucks; I didn't download it, but hell, the pics speak by themselves... Btw, that alpha Kerrigan already seems to beat it in all areas, so let's hope you're actually on the right path ( oh please, release the evil Kerrigan, too ).


                    yeah dude, keep practicing, thats the only way to get better! you will eventually reach a point where it really "CLICKS" and your skill level will just go up up up... keep at it and u will get there!