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    Name: Temple
    Gametype: Capture the Flag
    Version: 1.0
    Platform: PC
    Author: Adam MacDonald
    Homepage: Video Games Reborn
    Download: Here


    I'm Adam MacDonald, creator of several mods, such as the Reborn mod series (Fallout 3, BioShock and Quake 4) and Weapon Realism mods (for Quake 4). I've done a fair bit of mapping in my time as a modder, but I rarely release anything. CTF Temple is my first attempt to make a fun to play UT3 map that feels a bit like a mix of CTF Facing Worlds and Quake 2, in the mine sections.

    The map took about 10-12 hours of work and doesn't utilize any new assets, although it there are many re-used and redesigned models created by Epic; the resizing tool has surprising uses sometimes. I have thoroughly tested the map in multiplayer, split-screen and against bots. On top of designing the map, I have spent at least 3 hours playing the finished product and checking to make sure you get a smooth experience.

    I hope you'll enjoy the map, please leave feedback so I know what to fix in my next map. Have fun,


    Some Images:

    The main battlefield

    The mining hub flooded with lava

    The "secret" cave with a spider mine trap

    A mining tunnel

    A view of the battlefield from higher ground

    Ok I play the map it runs fine but the AI act really silly.

    1. The force shield you got up the bots don't know if to go through them or not.
    and they don't use the tunnels when I ran it and that was half an hour.
    2. Only one spawn area they seem to like waiting in there...therefore you might need another spawn area for balanced game play.

    Most CTF VCTF maps I've play have more then one.

    Anyway the layout is good.


      Thanks for the feedback.

      1: Yeah, it was experimental, although when I play, the bots seem to get past it with no issue.

      2: I was thinking of spawning players in the flag room, but then it caused some serious spawn-camping. Then I tried making a basement, but there wasn't enough room.

      Thanks for the feedback.


        Here is a mirror:


          Thanks for the mirror.