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CTF-Desilation, Awesome space map [Video][Pics][Final][PC and PS3]

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    CTF-Desilation, Awesome space map [Video][Pics][Final][PC and PS3]

    Name: Desilation


    Compatibility:PC and PS3

    Description:This is a cool, original map that is classic UT. It is a low gravity, capture the flag map in space. I got the inspiration from a UT99 map called Face. I have this game and Quake 3 Arena on the Dreamcast and love playing them. However, this map is original. And it has that feel. The two bases look over the entire map and there are no walls. So it is a great sniper defense from people taking the flag and it is pretty easy to knock someone off. It adds a dynamic x-factor to the game. I also put sniper rifles in the weapons lockers in the bases. There are also two levels of pathways with jump pads that take you up to the second level. The two levels add another dynamic gaming element for if you take the high road you have a better chance at getting killed versus walking the low path and having the low path where if you get hit you will get knocked off. The AI is pretty aggressive as well not taking any chances. Maxed out with 16 players on PS3 and 32 players on PC.

    Comments:Here is a video.


    Credits: Steelfalcon001, Epic Games for the editor \

    Thanks Zerglings for the great feedback.


    that is mad cool! and sweet first post!


      Thanks for the comment man. You are awesome.


        Looks really cool.
        let me know when you are playing it online & I'll try & join =)


          Is the misspelling of "desolation" intentional? (just say yes)


            Nice work downloading now.


              yes the misspelling of desolation is intentional. I like being different.