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    Name: VCTF-HangingGardens-Nightfall
    Release Version: 1.1

    Compatibility: Made with Patch 2.1. PS3 version is available.

    Hey Everyone, here by popular demand: a brand new remake of Hanging Gardens. Night has fallen and the Necris are out!

    Besides the obvious change to night time, there’s plenty of other changes too.

    Necris vehicles now populate the map instead of Axon vehicles. The total number of vehicles has been slightly reduced too.

    The Upper areas are now completely open for exploration. These upper routes allow for new flag paths (best used with jumpboots) and are most easily accessible via use of the viper/scavenger. Some pickups are also available in the upper areas too. Time for a little exploration (some good places to hide with the flag too)! Numerous collision and other small bug fixes have also been made, but please report if you find anymore!

    The map also now comes complete with custom music! A super-huge thanks goes out to Mike 'dj://spaz' for his great music tracks (consider cranking up the music volume when playing this map ).

    You can check out some more of his works at:

    There are two different custom tracks: one for times of high action (i.e. killing sprees and flag runs) and a background ambient one that plays during quieter times.

    The PS3 version also now has custom sound and music! Thanks to the new PS3 audio cooking tools recently released, PS3 players can enjoy the custom sounds and custom music too!

    Enjoy! And as always, any informative feedback (i.e. particularly regarding any bugs or other such issues) is always appreciated!



    Note: PS3 version is still untested, any feedback PS3 players can provide would be most helpful, thanks!

    Credits: As before, the map was made in collaboration with Andrew Czarnietzki and lighting is once again created through the amazing power of pureLIGHT (

    PS3 link corrected.


      This looks excellent!


        Good version looks great but one thing still to say VCTF still?


          just superb!.............


            Originally posted by Zerglings View Post
            Good version looks great but one thing still to say VCTF still?
            Haha, don't worry, the plain CTF version is coming... hopefully it'll all be tested and ready to go by next weekend or so .


              Visually a great work of art but I'm waiting the CTF version since it is more appropriate imho.

              Both version as been added to my vehicle dedicated thread, see my sig for details.

              THX for your awesome work of art


                superb work N. I'm rooting for you in the IGDA level design contest. Your one of my top picks.


                  I agree -- can't wait for the CTF version. This almost seems a little small for VCTF.

                  In any case, I mirrored it on Mapraider's three mirrors and will do the same when the CTF version arrives


                    OMG ... The lighting is godlike!

                    Mirror + HD-FlyBy



                      i need more arms so i can give this map more thumbs up! glad you've cleared up any issues about roof access.

                      can't wait to go human with it.


                        This is the kind of creation I expected when I got UT3.
                        A CTF version would be nice, but so would a straight DM.
                        Glad to see the entire world hasn't gone washed out sepia on me.


                          PS3 cook says file corrupted, are any other users getting this?


                            OK few lighting issues.

                            One is thefact that the sky color seems to have no effect on the lighting. If I were you as you have enough white lights and orange lights you can probably afford a blue skylight and one orange directional light.

                            The second is the small drinks bars the one on the blue side is orange like the red side.

                            Other than that the map and texturing looks exelent.


                              Originally posted by Blake1011 View Post
                              PS3 cook says file corrupted, are any other users getting this?
                              Yep same here...when I go to extract the .zip it states the error. It won't let you copy the .jam file out of the .zip either.