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VCTF-Valhara [Re-release] [Screens & youtube vid]

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    VCTF-Valhara [Re-release] [Screens & youtube vid]

    Name: VCTF-Valhara

    Version: 1.1 Re-release

    Compatibility: UT3

    Description: Re-textured, lighting redone, numerous improvments over the course of several months thanks to the testers on the forums for helping me out.

    Comments: I slapped this in the final release forum because all previous bugs have been stamped out. I have gone over this with a fine tooth comb and this is also a submission for the IGDA contest.

    Youtube video in HD:




    Credits: Epic games, and the guys in the #unrealed channel for helping me along the way, giving me tips and tricks, and some regular forum goers here.


    Download for PC:

    Download for PS3:

    Nice colourS and visuals you got here the bloom is good as well downloading righ now.





        Hey dude,

        I know I'm repeating myself but since you have your final thread now, it look **** nice ya know

        I wish you best of luck for the contest, it would be great to have all that $$$ in your pocket he he

        Will try it out shortly


          I appreciate the kind words steve.


            Ran the map good game play very nice going to be a map I play for awhile just one small thing the two bots that guard the flag stand right near or on it for both teams.


              they're supposed to guard it


                Added to Mapraider's three mirrors as well:



                  We have spent a lot of time developing our maps, so please ask us permission before using any of the custom brushes, music, scripts, sounds, staticmeshes, textures, or other custom objects such as emitter and particle settings from our maps in your own works.
                  It is customary in the mapping community to give credit to the source of any custom resources that you use, so including us in the map's readme credits for any of our resources used is appreciated.

                  You have a license to freely download and play the maps from this web site or place them onto a public or private game server. These maps are for personal use only, you may not sell, lease or rent these maps, including bundling them with other maps in files or on disk or CD-ROM without permission; you may not place any of these files for download on any other web site without permission; you may not create derivative works based on these maps without permission; you may not use or modify any custom meshes, music, scripts, sounds, textures included with the maps or any of the other included files for your own works without permission; you must include all files in the original package whenever you distribute the file; you may not remove or modify any copyright information in any of the files.

                  I have uploaded the map to the UTzone
                  hope it is ok



                    Perfectly alright. Thanks for the mirrors guys.


                      they're supposed to guard it
                      I know but they are standing on the flag less then a meter away!


                        Originally posted by Zerglings View Post
                        I know but they are standing on the flag less then a meter away!
                        But that's the point.... they're defending! If they were human, then they'd be camping with a scorpion or hellbender, lol.


                          I had the time to play with it,

                          I must say that visuals are really great, you made a great job on that. Few things :

                          - I don't like the fact that vehicles aren't the same on both side & mixing Necris & Axon vehicles isn't my cup of tea. But that's a personal thing so it doesn't matter.

                          - Bots are acting very weird. My red team mate had the blue flag & just while they where very close to the red flag base, they just turn around & fight back instead of returning to the red flab base ???!!! I has done that a couple of time, first time I see them acting stupid like that

                          - I didn't check the map in the editor but it look like the red defense point are also very to close to the flag base, still when I'm getting closer the blue base, from a distance, it look like the blue defense point are more adequate because the enemy isn't positioned very close to the flag, they closer the medium health pickup / vest.

                          - The water emiter at the bottom of the red base look odd, the sparkle is to fast.

                          - You have some overlapping meshes on the ground near the vehicle on the red base, not an issue, it's just that I notice it.

                          - You should indicate what is the player count in your ini... I had no idea so I loaded the map with 12 players by instinct but it was to much.

                          I really like the visuals, the layout & item placement. The avril / sniper place is really clever & bring some great gameplay.

                          I didn't encounter any odd issues, bad collisions prob & such.

                          FPS is great to. I don't know how you manage to obtain that much FPS when my average triangle was as high as 1 millions triangle ???

                          In all, it's a really good map & I wish you best of luck for the contest.

                          THX for your work


                            Thanks for the review steve. It's not just my map I've noticed but bots behave weirdly in all VCTF maps it seems... 90% of the paths are white and they for some reason jump out to get a power-up or another and never get back in their vehicle, or prefer to walk rather than use the hoverboard, it's strange. As for the other things you mentioned, I didn't see over-lapping meshes near the red base, guess I missed it and so did the other people who tested the map.


                              Well. I don't really play VCTF ya know but they where acting so strange that is why I notice it. I was playing at adept level so in theory, they should behave more cleverly. But anyway, they do as you say so it's not on your control.

                              The overlapping meshes are only on the ground & it's like 16 UU's (just a approx guess) so it's no big deal I have the eye you know

                              Anyway, great work none the less