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    Name: DM-42-Danesh
    Version: Final
    Mode: Deathmatch (please note that VCTF-42 is just the clan tag)
    Compatibility: PC, Patch 2.1. If anyone wants to cook a PS3 version, feel free to ask for the unpublished file.

    Description: After many years of digging through the ice of Ganimed, the research complex '42-Danesh' is finally heading towards the surface. But the life support system has stopped functioning, and only the toughest player will see the sun again...


    More screenshots:

    The map is up and running at Russian >--vobLA)> server:
    Credits: Lishtenbird

    This is a small dynamic map. Feel free to push the button

    nice map, but not for many ppl - too small


      Is it a DM or VCTF? I'm not big on VCTF maps, too big and NO ONE fights on foot ever... but if it's a non-vehicle DM, then I'll be the 1st of 10 people that will ask 4 PS3 cook. We always are gonna ask, everytime, in half the posts on every thread, everytime until the author says flat out "no" and an inscrupulous person cooks it anyway or you agree to get it cooked, LOL. Just telling it how it is, LOL.... I'm surprised a definite statement on PS3 availability isn't in top post of every mod by now, LOL. It would save time and space.

      EDIT My bad... it's a clan tag Oooops... I thought I read everything...Ooops


        Stromboli, it is DM as stated in the title. VCTF-42 is the clan tag Sorry if that confused you.
        According to the icon, it is a PC only release. If anyone wants to cook a PS3 version, feel free to write here - I'll send the unpublished file.


          Mirror + FlyBy



            Wow, thanks for the video!

            I should note two facts, though:
            1) The flyby doesn't show kismet animation and matinee which all work on the scratching feeling, and the matinee which controls the color of the forcefield around the button (so the field is not visible in the flyby ), as well as the juggernaut and belt in the middle.
            2) The video doesn't show a very nice "reaching the surface" effect when the match ends And the central gate animation
            Nevertheless, thanks a lot!


              seems like ppl aren't active here, so few comments, and no one about map itself.

              PS. I've told you, try PHX forum.