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DM-KoloValley [Pics]

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    DM-KoloValley [Pics]

    Name: DM-KoloValley
    Version: 1.1
    Compatibility: PC; PS3
    Description: Small to medium DeathMatch map with a nature/cave setting
    Comments: This is my first released map for UT3. Please, take a look at it and share your thoughts. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Includes bot pathing.

    Credits: Jefferson Pinheiro
    Download (PC):
    Download (PS3): Note: I don't have a PS3, so I couldn't test. Please let me know if it works or not.

    Looks nice going to give it a shot. My only little hitch is the purple looks like a lot of it but still looks good.


      Pinheiro, your first screenshot is corrupt - just in case you didn't notice.

      Also, I've added this to Mapraider's three mirrors:


        Great map! I like the purple colour in the caves and especially like the waterfall but I found 1 thing wrong the first time i played it. People can get inside one of the rocks and can fire out of out.


          Im a Chef - Yes, that's one of the things the people mentioned on the beta. I have reduced the potency of the purple lights, particularly on the large cave, so it's actually less purple than on the screenshots (the screenshots are from the beta).

          DaemonicKnight - thanks for pointing it out! I forgot I had disabled collision on that rock. I have fixed the collision there and re-uploaded the map.

          FreakinMeany - Thanks for redistributing, but can you re-download and re-upload the map with this new fix? Thanks. The 1st screenshot works alright for me, maybe my host was offline for the moment.


            Don't have any time to play right now, though it definitely looks better than my first map did, hehe.


              nice map visually; sometimes a feeling of "too empty " in some areas but finally it turn the gameplay more on aim than on item collect
              your trees are pure kick **** visually but sometimes they looks weird:

              when u turn around a tree while watching the foliage in the top(of the tree) it gives the feeling that the foliage is rotating ....not really important because noone turn around trees while watching the top ...muhaha

              other thing is a weird effect on foliage when u walk in direction of the trees :suddently and very brutally the texture transform from blurry low res texturing to a very fine texturing....


              ....and one step more:

              in allways good job & thx for your work mate


                gorgesuck - Not my first map Just my first published map.

                Blitz - the trees textures problems are because of your graphic detail settings, set everything to the highest (you may have to go on Advanced) and they will be at max resolution at all times.

                Thanks for the feedback


                  lol...i say that because i am on highest settings lol (just no AA) s why i found it weird; first time i see such a fast & radical change on textures


                    I meant, you have to go to the Advanced video options. Maybe you need titan pack and the latest patch to see that. The trees look normal for me no matter the distance (I have everything maxed out on the Advanced section).

                    That's speed tree, guess you never saw that because Epic didn't use Speed tree in their maps at all... weird...


                      Err Epic did use Speed Tree on their maps, most of the Warfare maps have them.

                      And its normal for Speed Tree leaves go blurry, they do that often when you move erratically looking at them and when you turn around fast near them.

                      Also if the material density in the area your looking at is heavy it might happen.