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WAR-SeaSkirmish - Massive Air Warfare[PICS][PC][MSUC-P4]

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    Didn't try w/bots... but I'm used to one or zero nodes built at start.... start at core, meet in the middle, fight starts.


      I wanted it to be a little more like 2-sided Assault with the cores in this one...and as you advance on either side you're removing/adding resources, and the middle is owning the wing boats so you can assault or defend the ship. Each node becomes its own base...I don't like the long travel to the action on some Warfare maps, or nodes so far away you can't get to them when they're being attacked. I hate those WAR maps where most of your time is spent driving.


        Hi Distant Land...

        First of all, this thread deserves a bump ~ this is an incredible map you've created, and one of the few that I have played to the end despite the very high lag I get on it. I reckon this map could see a lot of play if only it didn't lag so much...although I understand that the shifting field plays a major role in the environment and the epic "feel" of the map (I love massive air battles ;D). Is it possible for you to create a static version where the water doesn't move for those (like me ) with mid end pc's?


          Thanks...I really appreciate that. It's too bad it does have a lot of performance problems...I was considering making a version that doesn't have the dynamic lights or shifting on the ship, but would have to re-texture just about everything in the level. I'm busy with some other projects now but I'll get working on it. Keep an eye out


            Cheers, glad to hear it. Looking forward to it ;D