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WAR-SeaSkirmish - Massive Air Warfare[PICS][PC][MSUC-P4]

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    WAR-SeaSkirmish - Massive Air Warfare[PICS][PC][MSUC-P4]


    Version:1.0 (Proper version allows spawning in the Brain)

    Description:Awesome Warfare map with a focus on Aerial combat and originality in gameplay, setting, and flow. 32 Player

    Comments:My second map for UT3...Lots of Deployables, Stacks of Berserk, and Armor, Shifting playfield, Animated level, other things I like....Comments and feedback appreciated...Thanks for playing!

    Preview Pic

    pew pew pew

    I won this battle

    He got scuba gear in case he falls in the water

    Special thanks to Epic for an awesome Editor/Engine/Game

    Skeleton pack and Skaarj Pack (C) their respective owners


    got another download would like to try it, fileplanet 30 min wait (try using mediafire/filefront). Anyways great screen shots looking forward to trying it.


      Could you put it on FileFront? Fileplanet doesn't work for me.


        Daaamn, that looks insane!!! Despite the FilePlanet 30 minute wait


          Thanks ....Mirror's up


            Gosh, this map starts to lag at some point, but this looks very well designed and has nice gameplay .


              Glad you think so....Yea it's resource-heavy, and since you gotta fight off entire teams at some points it can get pretty hectic. I was wondering how much dynamic lights the engine could really handle, and luckily improved the performance over what it used to be, and didn't go with my other idea of having the boats move too


                looks nuts, can't wait to play.

                from just looking at the screens, your static mesh usage is incredible and the lighting looks delicious too.


                  Originally posted by spacedemonebu View Post
                  looks nuts, can't wait to play.

                  from just looking at the screens, your static mesh usage is incredible and the lighting looks delicious too.
                  thank ya...It's the improvement in a second map I was wanting, but I'm surprised both ended up what they are


                    let me first say this map looks great! very nice use of meshes indeed.

                    gameplay on the other hand... well it could use some help. i couldn't imagine 32 players ever being able to play this. just playing by myself i get 25-30 fps in most areas. (i have a very decent rig) although i'd love to see it handle lots of people.. i bet this map would crash any server with 16 players, let alone 32. IMO there are way too many flying vehicles and deployables... map is very spammy. all the larger meshes have poor collision. you should use per poly collision or build your own blocking volumes for those big meshes. it would also be good to set the cull distance on your meshes... that may help the frame rate.

                    very cool idea... just needs a few tweaks. keep up the good work!


                      Thanks, great to hear

                      I did use collide-complex on many things...I think center-front strut of the ribcage is more in the way than I'd like collision-wise, and the wing's just look weird at times but do ok for gameplay. I didn't try attachable dynamic blocking volumes on the bird-ship, but for gameplay, things work ok, though internally I wish bots could get out of the main ship faster...was there some other meshes that got in the way in particular?

                      I would really like to improve performance if I could. Both graphically and bot-pathing. Most meshes (the bird ship in particular) set as occluders already...cull distance volumes would block out the animation, but if there's another way to set cull distance that would still make things visible at most ranges (since it's all on the map at once anyway) and improve performance it would be good to learn..

                      The main performance slow-down is in the dynamic lighting for when the ship moves, and if anyone knows how to improve the way that's handled, it would be great to know. I cut it down in the ways I knew how but I'm sure there's more.

                      Gameplay - I don't think it would really be able to run on servers, but I didn't have that in mind anyway. I do wish bots were smarter in what they were doing at times, and there's places where they can get stuck for seemingly no reason.

                      As the combat goes, I like the pace of what goes on. I know things get crazy on the ship, but it actually turned out about where I wanted to be...I like that you have to fight off the whole team in such a small area, but I also give you a lot to go in with to stomp them, or fight off boarders. In that last fight on the bird-ship, it is a little cluttered with deployables in some areas, but I wanted it to be the one well-equipped launch point vs a squad of smaller things, and it isn't a whole base, just those small levels where things aren't meant to be tough to get to. When you're trying to take the core it gets pretty busy though, but it also gives you shields at both top nodes on each side, and a detpack, which are meant for that fight...and the other stuff is for the team attacking from the ship to take down with them into the battle.

                      The flying vehicles I like though, and are an important part of the style of the map...there are a lot of them but if you're having trouble getting shot down too often, you can stop whatever they're trying to do in plenty other ways...EMP's, a redeemer right into em! don't take their guff. As the Bird-ship side, you're meant to change the numbers of available vehicles as you advance, and the dropship itself definitely doesn't have air superiority


                        Cool map. You definitely pumped it full of steroids. Reminds me a lot of the 2k4 assault variety, and would probably work really well with a conversion.

                        The air combat is really fun. The teleporters are handy too, albeit a little disorienting at times. The bots are especially challenging when defending the mothership (for me anyway), but they are very hit and miss in terms of behavior. Some are extremely aggro, from spamming rockets via multiple raptors to pancaking you inside the ships without warning, while others are inept and mostly stare at walls or sometimes walk into them. The ships are awesome, and the design is pretty straightforward considering how chaotic it gets. Good job and thanks for sharing.

                        Also, thought I'd mention that it crashed once after finishing the first round and then getting about 5 minutes into the second. I have no idea what caused it, didn't think to check the log.


                          Glad you enjoyed it...I also like the challenge of that last attack on the main ship. I do make sure to offer enough to really make it a fight on both sides though. There's detpacks and shields in the immediate area, and a redeemer takes out a node in one shot. Also you can cut off ship action by taking back the wing boats, and if not eventually one team or another will get a bunch of titans all at once.

                          I know there are a couple places in particular where the bots seem to mass and walk in one direction for no reason at times, though I cleared up plenty others. I really wish there was some actor or status thing you could place on teleporters to make them clear and desirable paths. But some are definitely killer pilots and sometimes won't let you build on the boats at all if they can get to their vehicles.


                            I loved the map, and the screaming mecha-godzilla eagle thing. Reminds me of the album cover for Judas Priest's Screaming for Vengeance.
                            When I started, all the nodes were built for red. Is that normal? I did not experience the fps drops described by others (quad core 6600, 6gbs ram, bfg 9800gtx/oc w/512) but it was just me, no bots... wanted to look it over.


                              Haha, that's awesome...glad you enjoyed it. I had a 2-clawed bird ship in mind originally but this worked better than that would have. All the boats are supposed to start Red...all the ship should start Blue. Glad it looks smooth...I'd expect a machine like that to run it no problems, but did it stay consistent with 32 players?