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    When try to cook this mod???

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    Superb! Awesome!! Outstanding!!! I'm running out of superlatives here...

    Great to see that it's finally done, best of luck in the MSUC. I doubt that you'll need it, though, because imho the only explanation for anyone not rating this first place in the vehicles category would be serious brain damage.

    I can't wait to get home form work this afternoon to be able to get my hands on this. Great job, guys!

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    WOW !

    Absolutely amazing work. Great team

    I already use The Harpy since it's final but I miss out the Basilisk, I must be blind lol !

    So if I understand correctly, all of them are in final state ?

    THX for your hard work guy's & GL for phase 4

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    Very cool

    Lets hope these see play on VCTF and WAR servers.

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    Those screenshots look amazing! PS3 cook in the future?

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  • started a topic XS Vehicles

    XS Vehicles

    XS Vehicles
    Full release, 2009-08-31

    Six exotic and original implements of destruction.

    The XS Vehicles mod entered the MSUC in two parts. Our primary entry, XS Vehicles, contains the Basilisk and the Harpy, two exceedingly polished vehicles, cream of the crop. Our secondary entry, XS Prototypes, contains the Behemoth, Cyclops, Manticore and Phoenix.

    The mod includes a vehicle set replacement mutator and an in-game tutorial mutator to get you right into the action.


    The Basilisk
    Anti-air and artillery antigrav platform with energy ball propulsion, a quad-barrel airbust flak turret, a siege mortar with remote cameras and warheads and a plasma deflector shield.
    [shot][/shot] [shot][/shot]

    The Harpy
    VTOL aircraft with a tractorbeam, impact hammers and energy shields.
    [shot][/shot] [shot][/shot]

    The Behemoth
    Mobile powercore with nodebuster cannon, tracer rounds, guided rockets and teleport beacon.

    The Cyclops
    Crystal farming shuttle with crystal-growing energy beam and 2-dimensional shockwave.
    [shot][/shot] [shot][/shot]

    The Manticore
    Wing-In-Ground-Effect craft with photon artillery cannon, jumpjets and reinforced armor.

    The Phoenix
    Bomber with charging bomb, energy shield and air mines.
    [shot][/shot] [shot][/shot]

    The Vehicle Set Replacement mutator
    Replace any combination of vehicles with any other, for either or both teams. Comes preconfigured.
    [shot][/shot] [shot][/shot]

    In-game tutorials
    Each vehicle gradually introduces you to its features and tactics.

    • Xyx
      Concept, gameplay design, code, project organization.
    • T-Shinzon
      Concept art, 3D-modelling, sound, promotional media.
    • Farseer
      Texturing, animation, visual effects, netcode, packaging.


    1. Download XS Vehicles and XS Prototypes.
    2. Copy the UTGame folders from the XS Vehicles and then XS Prototypes downloads into your Unreal Tournament 3 folder. Note that it has to be in this order.
    3. Enable the Vehicle Set Replacement mutator.
    4. Enable the XS Vehicles Tutorial mutator. It will tell you what you need to know, when you need to know it.
    5. Play!

    • Do I have to download and install both XS Vehicles and XS Prototypes?
      No. Either one is a standalone product. But why stop at one?
    • Do I have to configure the mutators?
      No. You can reconfigure the Vehicle Set Replacement mutator if you like, but you do not have to; we preconfigured it for you.
    • Will there be an update?
      Likely. We made a Behemoth model, but it had some issues we couldn't fix in time so we cunningly disguised it as an oversized Goliath. We also didn't have time to make a custom Cyclops model, so we cunningly disguised it as the Heatray shuttle. Finally, we plan to update several of the visual effects.
    • These vehicles are <insert opinion>!
      Please post any and all constructive criticism and/or praise.
    • Will there be a PS3 cook?
      Feel free to cook it. However, if you make any changes whatsoever, you may not release it without our prior explicit permission.