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    Originally posted by BomBerWill View Post
    Well I didn't use it at all, the XS one & the summon command do the same. Sadly it never worked for me.
    Seems like the anim tree is bugged. The nodes for the bones "front_axis" and "back_axis" are setup in that way the Harpy will get upside down. I tried to check the working setup but within a short time, I couldn't see the perfect setup. However, if you manipulate some of the values (BoneRotation), the harpy is swapped again. I really don't know if his UT3 2.1. Someone tried it with an older UT3?


      I'm sorry to hear that it's not working as intended. Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to do any debugging. From the looks of it, the mesh is pitched 180 degrees. Perhaps you could experiment (either with the editor/debugger or with some console commands) to set the mesh's pitch to +180 degrees (or +32768 in rotator units, probably).

      I'd give you the codes if I could, but it's been six years since I touched it and I don't remember exactly. Good luck!


        Oh wow. Welcome back, Xyx?!.

        The mesh in-game/in-editor is fine. It's shown properly. Only the AnimTree view is flipped. Once you remove the connection from the bones "front_axis" and "back_axis", the mesh is properly flipped (not upside down anymore).

        Removed connections

        The mesh is corrected and the harpy works fine in-game (playing). However, the physics aren't as good as they would have been (since the bending part is gone / won't do anything).

        It looks like the Skelcontrol are working different to determine in which direction the bone should be rotated. If a bone should be rotated from -90 deg (270 def) to 180 deg. Will go forward or backwards. That said, the bonerotation is buggy the orientation of the mesh. Instead of rotating the bone 90 deg (180 deg but by default the strength slider is at 0.5) from the base rotation of -90 deg, it will result into -90 - 90deg = -180 deg = 180 deg. The mesh is upside down. Correctly it should do: -90 + 90 deg = 0 deg.

        To fix the problem with the Harpy, the AnimTree must be corrected (could be done with a mutator I think):
        sc_FrontAxis.BoneRotation.Roll = 181 deg ( from 180)
        sc_BackAxis.BoneRotation.Roll = 179 deg ( from 180)

        This would result the mesh rotation into the proper direction.
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          **** forum. Looks like the previous post got truncated from the degree character on. Never use the degree character!

          I've updated the post with relevant information to fix this issue. I might also try a mutator approach to fix it.


            Here's a mutator/serveractor to fix the harpy issue:


              Well, really big thanks for that. Gonna test it soon.