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CTF-Railway [Final][Pics][Download

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    CTF-Railway [Final][Pics][Download



    Compatibility:Patch 2.1

    Description:The Train Mega Highway is the longest train highway in the world, where Passenger, and cargo trains use to get to their destination. But when it was believed that Axon force are transporting a serect weapon of Mass Destruction, Liandri Forces were in hot Pursuit. After this, the Highway will never be the same again.

    I am awhere about bots getting stuck between path nodes I don't know how to fix this, I did check the forums to see if other people have the same problem, but it looks like there is no good way to fix this, If u know how to fix this let me know.


    Credits:Everything - me


    great map download now


      Mirror + HD-FlyBy


        Should definately get cooked for ps3, looking forward to playing it if it gets cooked.


          Originally posted by SurfinSlosh View Post
          Should definately get cooked for ps3, looking forward to playing it if it gets cooked.
          I can never get my maps to cook for the PS3 for unknown reasons, if u want to cook it for yourself go ahead, If u want to make it so other people can download it for the PS3 let me know first.


            Looks really great. Downloading


              Very good map.
              I found it quite fun to play even tho i found sometimes the enemy bots wouldn't actually try and get the flag.


                Haven't actually played on it, but I did bounce around the pretty and try to guess at the construction. Feels something like AS-HighSpeed (was it?) but laid out more like AS-Convoy. Might not get much play out of us due to taste and bot requirements, but it's pretty


                  Read this

                  !!!-Attention to all who downloaded this map-!!!
                  If the map preview doesn't show in the UT3 map menu, read this to fix it (hopefully)

                  1. Go to the directory
                  C:\Documents and Settings\(Your name)\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps

                  2. Go to the ini. file (Configuration Settings) of CTF-Railway

                  3.In the "PreviewImageMarkup=' area, change it to the following

                  Before: "PreviewImageMarkup=<Images:CTF-Railway-Beta1.MapPreview.MapPreview>"

                  What it should: "PreviewImageMarkup=<Images:CTF-Railway.MapPreview.MapPreview>"

                  Just remove the "-Beta1" from the map name part

                  4. Save the ini. file

                  That should be it


                    looks promising!
                    downloading now!

                    btw: i noticed your little warning here on the bottom, but why not just update the uploads?
                    and: the filefront link is offline


                      This map took me totally by surprise when i first played it. Yet another example of an underrated map imo. Yep, it's a gimmick, but it works, probably better than the UT2004 assault map whose name i cant recall atm.
                      I haven't had very many problems with the bots getting stuck and given the overall fun element of the map on the rare occasions it does happen the overall effect isn't spoiled for me.
                      Thanks, Great map


                        Originally posted by Dark_stranger View Post
                        Credits:Everything - me
                        Your very modest hehe