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ONS2/WAR- Haunting The Chapel

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    Oh hey, we actually got around to trying this map the other day. Pretty cool. I'll have to demo it next time we're there and get some screens .

    Here's all the negative-ish stuff I can remember; not all that much of it .

    The liftwork was a little confusing at first; I seem to recall not knowing if a lift was triggered yet or not a few times and having a hellbender slide off of one a few times.

    The redeemer platform was an exacting hoverjump; I couldn't make it every time and my partner didn't succeed at all (then grabbed a manta and landed it over there ). I'm not actually sure if that's the inteded way to get there though, since a lift goes right over it. I seem to suck less at trick jumps than falling off of things at the right time though.

    Was the deployable pickup meant to be restricted to the team that controls the center node? Those lockers dont' have any built-in teamcolor markings so it took a while to figure out that's why we couldn't pick it up, as it didn't register as being a part of that node's area.

    It's been a while since we did play it too, so I can't remember everything. I seem to remember thinking that there was something overbearing about the ambient sounds or music after a while, but that might have been another map.

    ETA: Oh, and I love that you provide maps in your promo materials. Even mediocre maps can explain much of what shots can't, and artistic maps can show a lot of the intent of the design (see: Silent Hill 3 Endgame ... ^_^). (OTOH, I wish you had the option of including map images for all gametypes, and that it had the capacity to switch between floors (map_level_volume?)) /ramble


      I've just downloaded this map but i just get the "UT3.exe has stopped working" error message when i try to play it.
      I'm running UT version 2.1 with win7/64bit. It's the only map that crashes like this. I've tried a few different download locations but no luck.
      Could anybody help plz? i'm gagging to play it, it looks so awesome.



        do you have all the files in the right locations? .ut3 , .upk , .ini in Custom Maps and the other .ini in the Config folder?


          Originally posted by [GOW] Daquila View Post
          do you have all the files in the right locations? .ut3 , .upk , .ini in Custom Maps and the other .ini in the Config folder?
          Thanks for replying Daquila, yes they're all in the right place, its the first thing i checked. And i've just double checked.
          In fact The zip file has maintained all the folder paths, so it should be idiot proof ( in theory ).
          It's the only map i have that crashes.



            Fixed it. I didnt have the Titan pack installed like it clearly says it needs. Didnt realise that, My bad . I had just re-installed everything after a new Win7 build.

            Fantastic map! There's nothing out there quite like this. Thank you.


              I tend to work on the assumption that mappers like to have their work appreciated and get feedback.
              For a map of this scale and accomplishment the appreciation shown is pretty poor really.
              This map is way out of the ordinary in it's construction and atmosphere. there are maybe a dozen maps made for this game that i regularly open in single player, set bot number to 1 and wander round just looking in a state of awe. An exageration? Nah, this is a superb map, no question about it. Even if you dont play the mode you should have this map.
              I do play WAR but the truth is I've spent so much time wandering around looking at the construction that i couldn't tell you what it plays like and tbh i dont really care.
              Make another mate; in fact make lots Thanks


                Thank you TIPPER. Happy Halloween!