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    Name: VCTF-H3D-Jaques-Birthday (pronounced "Hedsteem's Jackie's Birthday")

    Version: Final

    Compatibility: PC

    Description: Girls VS Boys, once again as with 1/3 of my maps you are a mini-me.

    Run around on this table top around birthday presents and slowly trot as your feet get stuck in cake. The horns are jump pads (marked with arrows) the slice of cake on it's side is a vehicle boost ramp. The flags are in the middle of the big cakes.

    What's better than that? You can actually ride the balloons around, but watch out, if someone shoots one it will pop and you could fall to your death.

    4 Balloons float around the map. 6 are tied down to the chairs. The 6 that are stationary have pickups on them.

    To get to the Redeemer you must first find the Redeemer gift, then un-wrap it by shooting it.

    Additionally, as the scores increase so do the number of candles on the cake, causing the flags to be more difficult to reach as they add obstacles.

    Comments: This map was inspired and layed out by my GF. Their are the same amount of presents for Girls as their are Boys (she said their must be). I made all of the textures and meshes myself. I am finally getting the hang of 3dsMax.


    Credits: Me (Pendragon) for making the Meshes, and spending HOURS in gimp making the textures. for testing.

    Homepage: Http://


    great map Pendragon



      I maintain a "Huge list of ONS - VCTF - WAR custom maps" thread that you can access by my sig. I post that info in every new finals map if the author don't know my thread. Since you made that map maybe you can discover others great maps your not aware of, who knows

      THX for your work


        Thank you I already see a few of our maps on your list.



          Well, if you want me to add others maps, I'll be happy to add them if you have all the info Don't hesitate to post the info in my thread



            nice map and nice textures thx for that


              Hey doofus you got 4 of the same screen shot! Nice job Pen lol.


                LOL, that is a photobucket bug, It let me upload different screenshots from different folders, with the same file name, they look different in my control panel, but pasted differently here.


                  Originally posted by Rumple View Post
                  Hey doofus you got 4 of the same screen shot! Nice job Pen lol.
                  rofl i though it was a game" search the difference in those picts"



                    Added to game-maps now, objections if i add this to a mappack?


                      Not at all, thank you very much for asking.

                      Now THAT is how it is suppose to be done (permission first )